Wednesday, September 24, 2014

So, while the Navy goes to war ... again ... this happened ...

Yes, yes, yes. Something must be done so we can say, "We're doing more." 

You can overdo something. You can patronize adult men and women just so much. You can pummel people in to cynicism. You can tee up a ball for me to whack at it.

Does this move the needle? Will this piled on top of everything else we put butts in seats over? Do you get your $6,000 worth?

Will someone please check Admiral Burke's grave? As his namesake puts ordnance downrange ...
Mike Domitrz stands on the stage in a black T-shirt, a black blazer and jeans, talking about sex, with the rapt attention of hundreds of sailors in the audience.

He calls two volunteers to the stage and tells them they are on a date. It’s going well, he tells the audience. Then, prompted by Domitrz, the woman says to the man, “This is going to sound really awkward, but I was wondering if I can give you a kiss?”
“By the way, a woman who is sexually assertive is not a slut. She’s a woman. We have to stop calling people names for being human beings.”
Ummmm .... yea. Try that line at Mast from the male perspective.
“PowerPoint and lectures really can only go so far,” said Capt. Chuck Marks, the sexual assault prevention and response officer at the Navy’s Fleet Forces Command. “If the sailors can interact with it and it is more meaningful and something they will remember longer, perhaps they’ll take some of those tools with them when they are on liberty overseas or they are in the barracks, or when they are interacting with peers.”
Oh Chuck - I'm sorry.

Hey! Looks whose earning his keep?
Cmdr. Chris Servello, a Navy spokesman, said the study does not reflect the dramatic changes to sexual assault training, particularly in the Navy, since 2010.

“Sailors routinely cite progress being made in how we talk about sexual assault, the sophistication of training methods being used, and the forums in which we conduct education and training,” he said.

Kathryn Holland, one of the authors of the Michigan study, said that, regardless of the year examined, the study does demonstrate the importance of transparency in evaluating prevention efforts. The study questioned the Pentagon’s methodology for evaluating the effectiveness of its prevention programs.

“We recognize the limitations of the data we have, but the message itself is just as applicable today as it was to what they were doing in 2010 and in 2005,” she said.

“The efforts are excellent, and we never doubted whether they were making an effort,” she added. “It was more about the transparency of what they were doing, and whether the evaluation was adequately measuring whether (the training) is doing what you really want it to do.”

Servello said the Navy is continually improving its training and assessments: “We certainly have been open, and remain open, to outside critique and criticism. We are an organization that wants to learn.”
Commander? Someone get promoted? Ahem. Anyway - they don't pay you enough to wade in this goo.

For the love of Pete;
Petty Officer 3rd Class Mario Veccino, who works aboard the inactivated aircraft carrier Enterprise, said he was going to go home and ask his girlfriend whether he could kiss her – just to see what she said.

“She should be cool with it,” he added.
Oh, "rapt attention?" What do the pics of our Shipmates say?

Here is part of the show - this one from LSU.

Here is Domitrz chatt'n about his call'n.

Hat tip SP.

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