Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Europe has a larger Islamic problem than it thinks

The below has been making its way around this week, and I wanted to give a little context to it.

Some have stated that these are low-ball numbers. Perhaps - but we have what we have, let's run with it. Ponder and note that the USA number is 100? Not that bad for a nation of 313.9 million souls. What about the other, smaller nations with larger numbers?

They have a problem.

To truly understand the blowback that is coming to Western Europe, I've converted these numbers in to American relative terms, i.e. as a percentage of the population, what would that look like if America had the same numbers?

Ireland: 2,049
Britain: 2,449
Belgium: 8,408
Germany: 1,557
France: 3,328
The Netherlands: 2,803
Spain: 1,151
Denmark: 5,591
Norway: 3,087
Sweden: 3,272
Finland: 1,731

I think we can deal with our 100. Over 5,000? That would be a different challenge.

The wages of mass Muslim immigration dropped in to a non-assimilation, multi-cultural context. There you go.

Multi-culturalism is national suicide. Assimilation is the only way to success.

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