Wednesday, November 06, 2013

What happens when decision makers never go to sea or deploy ...

This is absolutely insane. It should be at duffleblog, but no - this is what happens when you create entire career paths that are not actually involved in warfighting and no one in the chain of command has any clue what it means after over a decade of war and, well for the Navy, centuries of getting underway working 18 hr days with little to no bandwidth.

Even in 2013 ... via Mark D. Faram at NavyTimes;
The following mandate went out Tuesday via the official Navy Detailer’s Facebook page: Sailors must now log in to “most Navy systems” every 30 days or their accounts will be deactivated. A reactivation will require a call to the Navy and Marine Corps Internet help desk (and possibly a long wait).

The Facebook post fails to mention which websites will require regular logins. However, the Navy Reserve posted a list of 18 sites (provided below) that are impacted by this new policy. Three of those sites are reserve specific. The rest impact everyone in uniform.The Navy Reserve posted the following list of websites and applications requiring monthly logins:

Career Management System/Interactive Detailing
DEERS Verification/Self Service
Defense Travel System
Enterprise Safety Applications Management Systems
Navy College Program
Navy Education and Training Command
Navy Family Accountability and Assessment System
Navy Knowledge Online
Navy Reserve Data Warehouse
Navy Reserve Order Writing System
Navy Reserve Readiness Module
Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System
Total Workforce Management Services
Travel Risk Planning System

I'm sorry - can we have someone gibbeted as a warning to others?

Not torqued of about the tail wagging the teeth enough yet? Check the incredibly wrong headed attitude of the Facebook post. The Millington Diktat delenda est.

They even advertise that NMCI customer service blows. What's next? DTS slamathon?

I know CNP is a P-3 bubba soaked in lots of bandwidth and all ... but dude; someone between the good-idea fairy in the N6 Dept and N00 didn't say, "Stop, this is stupid."?

Hat tip Chap.


Jeopardy said...

I'm currently a deployed reservist with access to plenty of bandwidth, and even I thought this was a joke when it came to my inbox. Half these sites require a CAC login (good luck getting that to work from home) and the ones that don't all have different credential (username/password) requirements. You don't even want to know what the "Travel Risk Planning System" is. I shudder to think how much that website cost...

El Jefe said...

If N6 isn't part of ANY problem, you aren't looking hard enough!

Anonymous said...

Standing by for monthly muster sheets so I can make sure everyone in my department logs in to all these websites as required. I already have to hand-hold them to ensure they all go to the medical appointments they make, complete their PHA, PARFQ, PFA, weekly monthly quarterly semi-annual annual training... Why not add this to the 'leadership by spreadsheet' hit-list...

JCT said...

This is most likely in response to recent IT incidents.

Anonymous said...

I'm just glad somebody over there was smart enough to give everyone a heads up that they need to log in. Sure we have no bandwidth at sea and the limited computers we do have don't always have CAC readers, but I'd rather know so I could try and plan ahead than wait for Chief to get on my ass and then realize I have to call NMCI (if we're in port)to get my account reset. Last time I had to call them, it took an hour and a half to get to a representative!