Monday, November 11, 2013

General Wainwright's Charter

After World War II, General Jonathan Wainwright, USA penned a letter to those who were leaving service. Then Commander of the 4th Army, hsi letter doesn't apply to just those who served in WWII. The core of its message is as applicable now as it was then.

A good ponderable for today.
Back in civilian life you will find that your generation will be called upon to guide our country’s destiny. Opportunity for leadership is yours. The responsibility is yours. The nation which depended on your courage and stamina to protect it from its enemies now expects you as individuals to claim your right to leadership, a right you earned honorably and which is well deserved.

Start being a leader as soon as you put on your civilian clothes. If you see intolerance and hate, speak out against them. Make your individual voices heard, not for selfish things, but for honor and decency among men, for the rights of all people.

Remember too, that No American can afford to be disinterested in any part of his government, whether it is county, city, state or nation.

Choose your leaders wisely- that is the way to keep ours the country for which you fought. Make sure that those leaders are determined to maintain peace throughout the world. You know what war is. You know that we must not have another. As individuals you can prevent it if you give to the task which lies ahead the same spirit which you displayed in uniform.
I encourage you to read the entire letter, in the original, here.

Hat tip SWJ.

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