Monday, October 14, 2013

Chinese Apache? Begins with an "E" and ends with a "T"

Our friends at WiB and ChinaDefense have had their puzzl'r puzzl'n over the pictures of what looks to be an AH-64 Apache on a flat-bed in the Middle Kingdom.

A few theories are out there. Let's play some with them.

1. "This was a plant for some reason. They wanted it seen, otherwise it would be covered."
--- Never assign to complicated conspiracies what is best assigned to simple human incompetence. Call it the "Snowden must be a CIA operative" school of crazy. Odds; 10%

2. "This was from a crash in AFG or IRQ that was smuggled out."
--- No. Look at it. It is in too good shape ... and I've seen what we do with helos we have to leave on the field. Odds; 1%

3. "The Chinese have stolen the plans are have copied the entire helo."
--- They have a perfectly fine attack helo on their own. Down to the paint job copy then put it on a flat bed? Odds; 2%

4. "A movie prop." No. What movie ... and not. Odds; 1%

No - I am more likely to ascribe the Chinese getting an Apache to one of the Seven Deadly Sins or combo of a few. Lust, wrath, greed, pride ... those liberty risk factors.

Let's look who actually has Apaches making shadows on the ramp; USA, GBR, UAE, ROC, SGP, SAU, NLD, KWT, JPN, ISR, IDN, GRC, and .... wait for it ... EGY.

So, on that list, which country and/or military has the ingrained corruption, present dislike to the USA, need of new friends, and could use the money and influence that China can bring that the USA can't/won't?

OK, GRC ... but seriously. Who on that list also have the chaos to let something like this slip through? OK, GRC again ... but work with me.

Yep, Egypt. That is where my money is. Pay the right people the right amount of money. Put it in the right container or on the right ship ... and there you go.

I remember being escorted by an Egyptian Apache through the Suez and talking to some folks on the Flag Bridge the wisdom of selling Egypt all our best equipment. Well, there you go.

You have the pic above, below is one taken recently in Egypt of one of their Apaches.

China got an Apache from Egypt by some corrupt military type for money, influence, and just to spite the Americans who supported the Muslim Brotherhood? Odds; 51%

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