Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It isn't enough to succeed; others must fail ...

... except for people in your lifeboat ... you like for them to succeed;
Benjamin “BJ” Armstrong, editor of our just-published 21st Century Mahan, is the 2013 recipient of the Navy League’s Alfred Thayer Mahan Award for Literary Achievement, a highly prestigious award for an officer at the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

The Alfred Thayer Mahan Award is named for the famous naval theorist who, through his writing, provided vital stimulus and guidance to those who share in the defense of the nation. Presented since 1957, this award for literary achievement is awarded to a Navy officer, Marine Corps officer, enlisted service member, or civilian who has made a notable literary contribution that has advanced the knowledge of the importance of sea power in the United States.
Yes, that is our BJ Armstrong.

Congrats Shipmate! If you only know BJ from Midrats ... then you're missing the big picture. In addition to ordering your copy of 21st Century Mahan (my review coming soon) - head on over to USNIBlog to review the free stuff.

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