Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Generation .... sigh .... I know

I found the whole "Million Muppet March" too goofy to be true.  Like the Left needs more excuses to walk around with large puppets in DC.

Well ... read it all - but you get the idea;
Romney pledged during the debate to end the U.S. federal government's subsidy for the Public Broadcasting Service despite his professed love for Big Bird, one of the characters on PBS's 43-year-old children's educational program "Sesame Street," which features the Muppets.
Michael Bellavia, 43, an animation executive from Los Angeles, and Chris Mecham, 46, a university student in Idaho, separately came up with the Million Muppet March idea in response.
... Bellavia bought the Internet address www.millionmuppetmarch.com during the debate and discovered Mecham had already started a Facebook page by the same name.
Within 30 minutes of the end of the debate they were on the phone with each other, planning the march. ... Coming from rural Idaho, Mecham said he was aware how important public broadcasting was in sparsely populated areas that receive no other signals over the air. ... Mecham is a writer who is studying political science at Boise State University out of his interest in healthcare policy. Bellavia is president of the animation studio Animax Entertainment, founded by former Second City actor Dave Thomas. ...
.. Now for the untold rest of the story.
Mecham is a sophomore at Boise State University struggling to recover from crystal meth addiction. Power to him.
Bellavia is the Chief Executive Officer of Animax Entertainment. One of his company’s clients is Sesame Workshop, making him more than just a casual “fan” of Big Bird.
The only thing worse for a couple of Gen X guys, as our muse Coupland would put it, would be to see your dogs slathered with liposuctioned Boomer Yuppie fat. In a way, just makes me sad

All the things to get upset about ... and it is that someone thinks a broke nation shouldn't throw borrowed money at rich people?

There is only one speaker who I think speaks for me on this topic.


Vigilis said...

In the name of Freedom of Speech, has the current administration been
financing (stimulus/Tarp) activism like this? Could Sesame Street be a double-dipping?

We will learn such details of partisan re-distribution only when fresh eyes occupy the oval office.

Anonymous said...

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