Thursday, October 11, 2012

Deductive & Inductive Logic, and the Status of the War in AFG

Remember all the reassurances we gave ourselves in the 1980s and 1990s? Remember how we told each other that next time it would be different? We wouldn't make the mistake those in uniform did during the Vietnam War. We would make sure we spoke truth to power, that we would not just promote the rosy scenario, that we would not let the press hold the narrative. 

Well, we have kept some of our promises. Thanks mostly to new media, there is a way for the ground truth to come out and to hold the agenda-media to account when they produce FODish reporting. In the other areas, I think we have perhaps missed the boat. We have not warned enough of the shoal water we are heading to. Shoal water that is clear as day on any chart ... but we sail forward without even a Sounding Line as if this was new water, safe water and any accident was not our fault. 

I'm pondering where what I see in AFG over at USNIBlog. Come visit and let me know your thoughts.

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