Thursday, August 23, 2012

LCS Goes to the Star Chamber

Three ways I'm looking at this, in no specific order:

1. The LCS Critic: ... finds it distressing that here we are in the second half of 2012 and we are only now, it appears, going to address some of the foundational problems with the entire LCS concept that have been known for well over half a decade (Refs A-D). All this time, opportunity cost, and political capital ... only to get to a "Blue Ribbon" panel in 2012. OK, better late than never, but isn't this duplicating the efforts of an entire gaggle of commands, PEOs, and "Enterprises" who should have already done this?

2. The Retired Navy Officer: ... is very relieved. As this guy overrode 1 & 3 in my internal dialog earlier this year, this dominate personality is focused on one thing: if we are going to have LCS in the Fleet in numbers, which it appears we are, then we must focus on making sure it is the best trained, equipped, and manned platform possible inside its very real limitations. We must plan to realistically fight this sub-optimal platform in a way that is of use to the Combatant Commander without unnecessarily endangering our Sailors.

3. The Potomac Flotilla Cynic: ... he likes to laugh at the Navy officer in me and his Boy Scout Polly Anna-ism. From a political POV, appointing a "Blue Ribbon" can be part of a covering effort prior to making potentially painful, embarrassing and difficult decisions. A way of either diverting blame, or helping to provide covering fire for a leader who has to make a call, but doesn't feel like they have the political capital to make it on their own. With LCS nothing but a parade of fail and a slide-to-the-right-we-need-more-money poster child ... are we at last going to find a reason to kill it? Then again - you can have a panel/commission/council and then ignore everything they say. Who knows ... but it does tell you a lot about where LCS is.

Those are three of the voices in my head pondering the below. Read it all and then tell me what are your thoughts. We've had our own little "LCS Council" on the front porch for years; over to you.

On balance though, BZ to the CNO. This is a good and positive move, one that everyone on all sides of the LCS debate should welcome.


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