Thursday, August 23, 2012

Diversity Thursday

Since the previous CNO left, the Diversity front has gotten a bit quieter. In some respects, just gliding along on the inertia it had from before.

As you may have noticed, we aren't even having a DivThu every week. The reasons are multi-fold, and as quite a few have emailed me and asked why, I feel I should address it.

First, as noted above ... it is quieter out there for reasons we all know.

Second, I've never really liked the topic as it simply makes some people unhinged in an Orwellian fashion. You can ask for everyone to be judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin - and you are discriminatory. You ask that we eliminate discrimination on the basis of race, creed, color or national origin - and you are a bigot. It just gets tiresome.

Thirdly, despite my and others' hopes that President Obama would move the nation forward on race relations, he is at best pulling parts backwards. From the prep-school poseur Touré, to the out in the open racialists Tavis Smiley and Cornel West, some have used this opportunity instead to beat their drums of division and sectarianism. I guess they need a paycheck too. It is all unattractive.

Combine two and three above with an election year where if you don't contribute at least $250 to the Committee to Re-elect the President you are labeled a racist and subjected to a 2-minute hate; ungh, no chance to have a reasoned discussion with anyone. Combined with reason one above, I almost don't want to bother.

Forth, well - last week Gidget Fuentes had an interesting little bit in NavyTimes. In part;
The Navy must continue to diversify its force of officers and enlisted personnel across all its communities, the Navy’s top officer told a Hispanic-oriented naval services organization Aug. 9 as he previewed a new “diversity vision.” “It’s not about quotas,” Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Jon Greenert told the audience at the Association of Naval Service Officers luncheon in San Diego.

The broader goal, he said, is to have people with a wide range of experiences and backgrounds spread across the Navy.

He said he’s working on a diversity vision statement for the service, though he provided little detail.
The previous CNO's almost perverse paternalistic attitude in supporting the socio-political, Cultural Marxist movement called by him and others "(D)iversity" is now deep in DoD & DoN. That self-flagellationeaque version of "The White Man's Burden" is a retrograde concept - as ugly as the cartoon in the upper-right of this post - that is as harmful to a well functioning military as it is painful to watch.

We cannot in a flip of a switch move to a more equal mind-set from the present position of active discrimination. It will take time, careful moves, and principled leadership. As the Diversity Industry has become used to certain behaviors, it will take awhile until our institutional habits to change, which is why I will ignore the CNO speaking to a sectarian organization to be quoted above. I understand that he has to do what he has to do. In my miniscule way, on active duty I did as well.

It is always easier to destroy than to repair - and the Diversity Bullies have damaged much. That gets me to another reason to hold off a bit except for the most outrageous things that come across the transom - give the CNO some room to move. I'm an optimist.
“It’s not about quotas,” Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Jon Greenert ... The broader goal, he said, is to have people with a wide range of experiences and backgrounds spread across the Navy.

He said he’s working on a diversity vision statement for the service, though he provided little detail.
I want to wait and see where Admiral Greenert is going to go. Everyone supports reaching out to the entire nation - to provide equal opportunity to all our citizens. Let us move in that direction, away from the integrity-rotting "accountability reviews" and away from the "Q" word that is still an issue.

As a start, let's remove all efforts to break us apart into different little groups like the Austro-Hungarian Empire did with its military. Let us move towards unity and a color-free military. Let us lead the nation instead of functioning like it is always 1970. We are better than that.

Stop tracking who is what. Eliminate racial self-identification fraud by doing what should be natural - don't care, don't label, don't track. Stop forcing multi-racial Sailors from having to pick one or the other in a divisive and unnatural manner. We are better than that.

We won't reach the Salamander Standard of "I don't care what you are" for awhile, but we can move towards a more equal treatment of all of our Sailors. Start to end preferential treatment and different standards. We are better than that.

I have been impressed so far with Admiral Greenert's tenure as CNO on a variety of issues. If he is giving his predecessor's high-and-right (D)iversity diktat a fresh look towards a more modern context - I think he deserves a chance.

I look forward to reading it. I look forward towards something better suited to the second decade of the 21st Century, not the second Nixon Administration.

Until then though - I guess I should just put my big-boy pants and tell the haters I love them too. It could be worse; with Cultural Marxists - it can always be worse.

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Anonymous said...

Exit question for the CNO--the officer leadership of the World War II Navy was not what is today called diverse. If put head to head in a war at sea scenario, with the same equipment on each side, which does he think would win, combat-wise--that Navy of King and Nimitz, today's Navy, or the more diverse navy he desires for the future? For the answer he gives, Why? And is there any concrete proof/data one way or the other?

In other word, what specific combat failures of the World War II fleet will be solved by what he desires?