Wednesday, February 15, 2012

SECNAV Plays Damage Control

I guess things got loud enough to break above the ambient noise.
Navy Secretary Ray Mabus, under fire from Congress and veterans for naming ships after fellow Democrats and social activists, plans to announce another round of ship names in the near future that will be more traditional, a Pentagon official tells The Washington Times.

The official said Mr. Mabus has chosen names for five surface ships - three for war heroes and two for locations. Ships typically are named after states and cities.

“I think they would be more consistent with what most people would say traditions and naming conventions are,” the official said.
I'm sorry. This is too late. This is not a new issue - and in many ways this is like a promise never to open the barn door ever, ever, ever again if Farmer Brown will just stop yelling.


Want to let everyone know you "get it?" Simple.

Step 1. The USS Murtha (LPD-26) needs to be renamed USS FALLUJAH (LPD-26). No one will complain (except Nancy Pelosi) and everyone will instead heap praises on the SECNAV. Iraq victory parade not possible? Fine, the Marines will take an LPD name - fair.

Step 2. Follow through with your promise as outlined in the article.

Redemption is a multi-step process - but you have to make the effort.

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