Monday, May 10, 2010

Mullah Omar captured in PAK?

Hold off from cracking open the bottle ... but as the initial report is coming from Brad Thor ... at least put one on ice as we wait for more info.
Through key intelligence sources in Afghanistan and Pakistan, I have just learned that reclusive Taliban leader and top Osama bin Laden ally, Mullah Omar has been taken into custody.

According to the State Department’s Rewards for Justice Program there is a bounty of up to $10 million on Omar for sheltering Osama bin-Laden and his al-Qaeda network in the years prior to the September 11 attacks as well as the period during and immediately thereafter.

At the end of March, US Military Intelligence was informed by US operatives working in the Af/Pak theater on behalf of the D.O.D. that Omar had been detained by Pakistani authorities. One would assume that this would be passed up the chain and that the Secretary of Defense would have been alerted immediately. From what I am hearing, that may not have been the case.

When this explosive information was quietly confirmed to United States Intelligence ten days ago by Pakistani authorities, it appeared to take the Defense Department by surprise.

Hat tip Jawa.


DeltaBravo said...

That would explain Mzz. Hillary's "eat nails and die" look in her eye in the recent tv interview when she was discussing Pakistan's need to cooperate more.  For a fleeting moment I wished she was our president instead of... (well, when I find myself wishing she was our president, I take an Advil and lie down till the feeling goes away...)

I can't imagine a bigger fountain of information, except for maybe Zawahiri.  If only...

(running to the store for a bottle of Moscato)

UltimaRatioRegis said...

A question and a comment:

Q:  If the did nab him, if they didn't read him his rights like a B&E suspect in LA, do they have to let him go?

Comment:  Stand by for endless giggling by teenage boys if a newscaster mentions "punishing the one-eyed mullah".

LT B said...

I'm giggling right now!  :)

AW1 Tim said...

O'll light a candle and hope it's true.

Grandpa Bluewater said...

With reference to Ms Clinton, Truman's comment on Chang Chai Chek (apologies for my lack of Chinese literacy)creeps into the back of the mind. 

She is playing a long deep game. Well.

What are the alternatives?

ewok40k said...

IF true, only OBL himself would top that!
Would make a great trophy and prove Taleban are decomposing.

Anonymous said...

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