Thursday, May 20, 2010

Diversity Thursday

The 2009 Diversity Report.


As expected, it is as substantive as fried air, full of platitudes, paternalism and fuzzy logic - but has some sad things in there. It has some people used as examples in it that I know would not normally want to be thrown in with a lot that casts them as a sectarian minded person defined by their DNA - but alas, they seem to have been talked in to it.

Sad. Good people who when I served with who just wanted to be identified by their performance - who are now being used as part of a divisive and racialist mindset.

Then there are those things that are a bit more telling. I am sure you can find a couple of them in the document yourself - but this is what got my eye.
More Selections
- Clear precepts to consider diversity as part of the whole-person concept.
- Allow top 10 percent of class vice SAT scores (Florida, New York, Texas auto-select to State colleges).
- Maximize Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) White House program.
- Offer SAT prep for NJROTC students.
- Of 110 Alternative Scholarship Reservations awarded, 25 percent were for African-Americans, 20 percent
Hispanic, and 10 percent Asian and Pacific Islander.
- we do want our precepts to ask the members to think along racial and ethnic lines, you know, just like the KKK. So much for the Navy saying it isn't a factor. They still have not described how they will deal with mixed race personnel and racial self-identification fraud. But, of course they won't - that would make things messy.
- we don't believe in objective criteria. SAT is objective. Saying that the same potential comes from the Top 10% of Detroit Schools vice Top 10% of Fairfax Schools is madness - and in a way - creatively lying to yourself.
- HBCUs? Feh. Harmless - unless they get more access than other institutions - then it is clear paternalistic bias.
- Thank you for confirming what I said when the program came out. ASR is all about counting beans. You owe me a beer.

Remember - when you are told that Diversity as the Navy executes it does not mean quotas - does not mean unequal treatment - does not mean changing objective standards to meet numbers - don't let them get away with it. They are either being too clever by half, almost lying to your face, or don't even know what the programs are. I got news for you - 99% of the time - it isn't the later. Either way - take it for what it is; an insult to your intelligence.


kris (fmr QM1) said...

Is it your time of the month?

It doesn't take much to work out that some kids develop academically later - the kids that may not have had the best of starts. Erm, the disadvantaged kids. Do we really have to establish for you (again) that ethnic minorities are still disadvantaged?  Really?

So why no actively recruit from "Black" colleges etc? In so doing the Navy casts its net a bit wider to find more QUALIFIED people.

They still have to pass the Nav course to get in and stay in, CDR.

UltimaRatioRegis said...

AMEN to that, Kris! 

My people were dragged from their homes and families and into slavery by white racists, where millions worked in servitude, being mistreated, underfed, starved, beaten.  More than a million died in chains. 

Then, we were settled in ghettos, denied meaningful work, sometimes any employment at all, discriminated against, not allowed to go to school, work in certain jobs, our votes were suppressed.  This country has never apologized to us for doing all that to us.  You're absolutely correct, kris.  Ethnic minorities are still disadvantaged. 

It's tough to be Polish.  And our slavery didn't end in 1865, but 1945. 

Where are the traditionally Polish schools?  Where are MY promotion quotas?

LT B said...

I think it is grand to go to Black colleges.  But the top 10% argument is crap and that is what he points out.  Go after the best, don't wallow in racial engineering.  You want diversity?  Cast the net far and wide, recruit all you can w/ a message of Team, Honor, Courage, Commitment, Strength, Pride, Mission, Patriotism.  Then, treat your people well, and send them out.  They will recruit for you based on their stories and experiences.  But this focus on percentages is, well, um, how can I put it...  UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!!  Ya know, that document I swore to support and defend?  Want to talk about running the wrong race, the Navy is doing it.  At what point do we realize the Navy is spiraling down the toilet and has lost focus on getting ships run by the best Sailors we can get in the best Fleet we can produce and train up? 

As for Black colleges, I worry less about the academic performance there than at a mostly white college (USNA) where they were brought in to boost diversity.  A Black college doesn't have to sell its integrity and/or lie about the dual track admission standards. 

LT B said...

They had'em URR.  They only wanted a Few, and they wanted them Proud. :)

Byron said...

Not to mention bull-headed and a raging thirst for booze :)

DM05 said...

Good one URR.

I love D-Thursdays, it always turns the little "that's wrong" switch on in my head. Unfortunately, with government/taxpayer funded institutions like my beloved Navy leading the charge to discriminate, where does that leave my intelligent anglo kids and their peers in the new world? 

Pretty well hosed.

Ever fill out a FAFSA for student aid? We'd stand a chance - perhaps - if we could legally check one of the dozens of diversity boxes, but alas, my apparently evil euro great great/great grandparents came to the country legally, and went to work in a variety of endeavours without catching a hint of appropriately minority blood. But no, government resources are dictated by melanin to level playing fields based on PC and things they had nothing to do with; it sucks.

MR T's Haircut said...

<span>- Clear precepts to consider diversity as part of the whole-person concept.</span>
<span>WTF?!!!!   I PITY THE FOOL!  So THIS IS WHY THEY WANT PHOTOS... well hell lets save Millington the Dollars for TAD... lets just get rid of the Tank and get a projector that shows the picture only... we dont need an OSR or ESR anymore... the color of a persons skin is all we need to know.... at least that is the take away from the Directorate, I just say it with out all the platitudes.... FOOLS</span>

MR T's Haircut said...


there you go again getting all "Constitutional" on us.... ;)

Salty Gator said...

<span>The institutionalized second class citizenship that is placed onto black americans by members of the Diversity Industry and accepted by the liberal establishment serves no purpose other than to reinforce the B.S. notion that minorities can only succeed in this country if but for the benevolence of liberal minded superiors plowing the road and excusing them from performance related criteria that are independent of their "diverse" characteristis--i.e. race other than white / indian / asian; gender other than male; religion other than Christian.  
The United States does not stand for equality.  USSR stood for equality.  Equality = communism.  The United States stands for LIBERTY.  Liberty allows that everyone is created equal in the eyes of God and the Law and that we take whatever talents we have and put them to the best use we can.  Some will make more, some will make less.  Race should and does have NOTHING to do with it.  
QM1, if one who chose to squander his youth and not study in high school it is up to THEM to get their act together, study hard, save up, and make it to OCS / NROTC / Academy.  Not the American taxpayer to assume the risk of what is a bad investment.  Plenty of kids of all races and backgrounds choose each year to give it their all and they make it of their own accord.</span>

Salty Gator said...

I have a question for everyone, CDR you especially.  I read an article in newsweek recently titled "Inside the Obama War Room."  In it was discussed the deliberations and machinations / conflicts between the Department of Defense (Gates, Mullen, McChrystal and Peterus vs. Obama, Biden and Twinkle Toes (Rahm)).  Is it possible that the DoN is just going along with the flow on Diversity in order to keep its powder dry for what they perceive to be the pressing issues of the day, i.e. the correct strategy to win the wars?
Just a thought.  I really do wonder...

LT Andrew said...

The pictures are also to see if you're a fat-ass. But that's a different topic for discussion :)

Master Cheif said...

I hate the word DIVERSITY. I saw this coming  while on active duty, people in uniform were more concerned about the color of ones skin than performance. Speaking on behalf of the navy, it is obvious that racial boundries exist. We have people of color who are allowed to break the rules regarding uniforms and personal appearance while in unform and no one say's anything about it for fear of retribution because if you are white you're questioning one's ethnicity. Trust me, I see/saw it. I've seen 10 white candidates for SOY and two black candidates only to see the black candidates selected soley on the base of color.

JAV said...

The "top 10%" rule will ensure plenty of kids who are not ready for college will get in. At many inner city school districts, the kids at the bottom of that top 10% would not even pass in a better school.They will be doomed to failure and used to demonstrate how unfair the world is, thus requiring even more programs in their favor.

Due to my parent's divorce, I went from Catholic middle school to a Detroit Public High School. I had a 4.0 average in DPS with no effort and while skipping class at least 1 day a week. I was on track to be valedictorian, and there were less than 25 kids in my class (out of 800) with a 3.0 or better. My junior year we moved to the suburbs to one of the top school districts in the state. I improved my study habits and attendance but still ended up in summer school for Trig. My high school GPA ended up around 3.6, and even with the grades from Detroit I was at the 40% point of my class (650 students). While the top 10% at the Detroit school included kids with a 2.8 GPA in easy classes, the other school's top 10% all had above a 3.8 GPA in advanced placement classes.

While I admit that was 25 years ago, the Detroit Public Schools certainly haven't gotten any better.

cdrsalamander said...

This predates all that crew.

Salty Gator said...

roger that.  appreciate the perspective!

Grandpa Bluewater said...

Not to worry.  The next protected class will be espanolophones who cannot produce a US birth certificate.  Compredo...cambio....sqrewak..So my grandkids should go to Peru and marry one of their 4th cousins...most of whom are hot blondes.  Same ancestry,,,,my great great uncle left great grampa in the coal mine and took a RR job down south america way, joined and stayed in the (tiny) middle class.  Or just check the form hispanic and claim the the frenchman was a spaniard. Or marry a nice cambodian-american or chinese american mixed race kid, like their cousins.

Eugenics for political favors, plan ahead!

Grandpa Bluewater said...

no, I don't spell any better in spanish, or italian or korean or japanese or german.

DeltaBravo said...

Yeah, funny how "well represented" the Poles are in the USMC.  :)
(God bless 'em all!)

DeltaBravo said...

Confused:  Why are 25 percent of scholarships allotted for AA candidates when they are only 12.5% of the population?  Aren't we supposed to "look like America??"

MR T's Haircut said...


that is what they mean by the "whole" person!

John said...

All this crap does is reinforce the misperception that the liberal "welfare plantation" is still needed, and still "helping."

In reality, the diversity industry merely rewards bad practices keeping minorities in the lower socio-economic strata:

-- Tolerating a lack of interest or performance at educational opportunities that are provided.

-- Rewarding not working with no adverse consequences

-- Rewarding and normalizing unwed parenthood and the break down of the traditional family

-- Perpetuation of the "victim" mentality as an excuse for everything

-- Demanding equality of outcome not equality of opportunity

-- Wasteful funding of a self-serving and self-perpetuating "diversity industry."

-- Encouraged political correctness and the all-trumping pejorative of "racist!" to deflect any criticism of their programs

-- Squandered more than a trillion dollars in wealth transfer programs from producers to non-producers.

The worst possible result of our half century of self flagellation is that the senior leadership has been so neutered that none dares to stand up and put an end to this nonsense, either by telling the truth about it, or taking the tactical stance that it is a war that has been won, declaring victory and moving on.

Dr. King would be appalled at what has been done under the banner of "equality."

virgil xenophon said...

I've said before and I'll say again: This is a metastasizing cancer that will ultimately destroy the armed services as a superior fighting force.

virgil xenophon said...

I believe the ans to your question is no, Salty Gator. Rather IMO it is the fear by leadership that if they don't toe the PC line, the leftists in Congress will deny funding needed wpns sys in a fit of revenge/pique.

DeltaBravo said...

Kris, where I live, all the kids go to the same schools.  It's a beautiful rainbow.  But you know what?  There are "schools within the schools."  Nasty little thing no one talks about... the kids self segregate.  Do you know what it's like to see kids going to the same schools mine do, with the same chances at AP courses and the same good teachers, but they say "I'm not going to be white" and they go through the day as if they don't give a damn that a fine education is being handed to them for free?  Yes, my white kids have been ridiculed by some of them.  Some of the minorities are "too good" to study.  Nice.  A lot of them are marking time till they can graduate from HS.  

I agree there are some who don't get their act together for a while, white or otherwise.  I've seen it in operation and I've watched people grow up and become fine officers after a "weak start."  But they didn't blame their schools or claim they were disadvantaged.  In this day and age, a lot of people disadvantage themselves. 

I've also seen kids come into school not speaking a word of English and study and get As.  I remember a Persian girl who was taking Latin being taught in English, which was NOT her native language, and she had only been learning English for 3 years.  She was getting As.  Being disadvantaged is a state of mind.  One people like to claim because anything else might involve hard work? 

ShawnP said...

Always been quota's in the Nuclear recruiting field...........why do you think a recruiter is Mr. Hero for getting a black Nuclear Officer in..........In all honesty to be truly color blind the Navy must remove any hint of knowing a applicants and or selection board canidates race. Take that line out of the applications and Navy historical data. Won't happen as the diversity industry has to have it's data you know.

LT B said...

Truth DB.  I went to school in a roughly 70% Black high school.  My Black friends that opted to get an education and learn were ridiculed as Oreos, Wannabees, etc.  Any of the poor behavior, teenage pregnancy, gang violence, drug use, desire to NOT succeed and learn was not hoisted upon them by "da man."  Rather it was accepted, furthered and pushed out as the meme of being Black.  Oh yeah, my African (not African American) friend was picked on by that ilk for his accent, his desire to achieve and his hard work.  It is so bad that Courtland Milloy (and I can't find the article) wrote a oped piece specifically about my graduating class from my high school.  He was in despair over the number of deaths in such a short time from basically kids that chose that life.  Remember, PG County is one of the most affluent Black areas in the nation.  Black, middle class, families w/ kids buying into the meme of thuggery as being part a Black's existance and culture.  Pathetic.  Victimhood is self made at this point. 

Grumpy Old Ham said...

<span><span>The libs just love to demand an "exit strategy" for every war or conflict we're involved in, yet remain strangely silent when asked about the exit strategy for the "War on Poverty" or "Diversity" programs.  
I don't suppose it's ever occurred to them that the real world is unlike one of their favorite author's Lake Wobegon, where everyone is "above average".  
The failure to articulate such a strategy, assuming it were even possible, is the thing that bothers me the most about these programs -- second only to the inherent unconstitutionality (IMNSHO) of the majority of those efforts.</span></span>

Salty Gator said...

of course they are buying into it.  It is being forcefed to them by people who have money to be made by its perpetuation:  rap music industry, diversity industry, liberal political machine, liberal education machine, etc.

Casey Tompkins said...

Um, Byron, are we talking Poles, here, or Irishmen? ;)

Casey Tompkins said...

Salty, the sad thing is that most of the folks in the industries you mentioned apparently believe that crap.

Byron said...

Both :)