Monday, June 12, 2006

Viva May-hick-oh

This may be the only time you read that title here (actually not true).
Mexico beat Iran 3-1 in the first Group D match in Nuremberg on Sunday. The Iranians started strong but then soon fizzled.

Mexico scored twice in three second-half minutes to beat Iran 3-1 on Sunday and give a massive boost to their bid to go past the World Cup quarter-finals for the first time.
Notice, just like NPR I used the proper accent, Mexico isn't correct - you know - it must be May-hick-oh. Don't worry about pronouncing Hong Kong with a Chinese accent, or Munich (Munchen) in a German, or Paris with a French, ---
you must be a nice paternalistic, condencending, PC Leftist with anything Spanish, oh excuse me, Castellano.

But, what is not the love about just about anyone that makes Iran look bad? Bask in it. We can't do it, let the Mexicans. We are all "North Americans" now.

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