Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Shipbuilding: money nice – reform better

The senators’ request would increase the Navy’s budget from $8.9 billion to $14.1 billion.
All the money in the world will not give us the fleet we need. When we have hulking 16,000 ton “Destroyers” and $500 million Corvettes; an extra $5.2 billion will only get you 1 SSN and 1 DDG-1000 extra a year….max.
Sixteen lawmakers wrote a letter to Rumsfeld on Friday asking him to increase the Navy’s top-line budget to provide $14 billion for ship procurement.

“Admiral Mullen, Chief of Naval Operations, has submitted a 313-ship plan to Congress, and the 2006 Quadrennial Defense Review endorsed building a larger fleet,” the lawmakers wrote. “According to the CNO, approximately $14 billion is needed annually to finance the ship construction outlined in the Navy’s long-term plan.”
We need to look at Danish, Dutch, German, and Spanish ships now to get us the numbers we need – and the capability gaps we lack.
“Some experts have projected that China’s Navy will outnumber the U.S. fleet by 2015, less than one decade from now,” the Senators wrote.

“Your support of the budget requirements outlined by our Navy leadership is critical if the decline of our fleet is to be reversed,” they stressed.
Oh, the $14.1 billion ain’t gonna happen. Right now, the Navy doesn’t deserve it and we are in a ground war. So, what do we do. Like the chiche goes, a sign of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over hoping for a different result. We need change right now. We are building the wrong ships.

The irony for the Senators is that if we had more affordable hulls, we could build more ships and therefore employ more workers to build them and keep the industrial base going. All this does is send more money down the same gilded rat-hole.

The irony for the Navy is that a decade+ of PPT slides, pet projects, and non-critical adoption of buzzword soaked theories has brought us to the point that we just about have one Flag Officer per ship. Reform yourself first, then ask for more. That is what we tell our Sailors.

More darkcloud coming tomorrow on shipbuilding. Yea, it gets worse.

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