Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Gobbledegoop at the DNC

I usually try to stay away from most domestic politics (really!!), but sometimes I can’t help myself. This goes to the heart of some important items – staying on message – OPSEC – not making your boss look bad.

The DNC has failed on all parts. Even Chris Matthews couldn’t help but be disgusted by the Judge Alito smear document going around (video here captured from PoliticalTeen).

For the full details on the sleuth work go to TownHall and RedState; in summary though, they put it out on a “not for attribution basis” in a MS Word .doc format.

Yep, as any JO who circulated a series of jokes about the skipper can tell you, all you have to do is go to “file>properties” or go to the metadata and find out the company that owns the software, who created the document, its original title, and who edited it in addition to other goodies.

Company, DNC. The names in the document all work at the DNC. The author seems, may not be but seems to be, a DNC hack by the name of Christopher Prendergast, author of the almost Scrappleface like CODEWORD MODERNITY.

Want to know why someone could be so stupid to step on their own … rake … and create ScalitoSmearGate – read some of these jewels from CODEWORD MODERNITY.
‘Modernity’, by which I mean the word, has had an exceptionally good run for its money, but is now long past its sell-by date (the term has been used to peddle so many meretricious panaceas of late that the commercial metaphor for once seems apt). According to Fredric Jameson, the ‘project’—another label subject to intolerable abuse—is over. [1] It may, on more dignified Habermasian assumptions, be incomplete; but its incompleteness is merely a token that whatever promise it once bore is now definitively buried. It has become a modern form of ‘antiquity’. [2]

The term thus becomes code for closing down alternatives to capitalism, a massive irony in that many of the links between modernity, modernization and modernism are often held to be unintelligible without reference to the utopian and revolutionary moments of socialism and communism. [5] Modernity’s epitaph might well be the long goodbye to the hopes invested in that particular constellation, overwhelmed by the final triumph of the alignment of the Enlightenment project with the imperatives of a market society, the name for whose contemporary ubiquitousness is now the consumerist blankness of the postmodern.
Ungh. What a genius. The DNC is supposed to be a serious and important organization. Seriously, a viable two party system is important. After the last few weeks, the DNC should look like a well run Scandinavian high-tech company. What a gift for the Republicans. Hire better people to do your Special Ops. You want SEAL Team SIX types, not the Keystone Cops.

Some may say that this is some Rovian tactic like they did with RatherGate - but I am a big believer in Occam's Razor and in the the end, like RatherGate folks are going to loose their job because they were stupid. I bet this is ligit.

Hardcopy or PDF people. Rinse; repeat.

Hat tip, The Corner.
UPDATE: Captian Ed is on point now. He also sees an ethnic issue with this. Me? I don't know, but I can see why people would think this. Maybe this will get some legs....

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