Saturday, November 05, 2005

Burning Papists for fun and profit!

.... at least in efigy. Hey it's Guy Fawkes Day!! For you non-Anglophiles, it's all about the Gunpowder Plot that almost blew up Parliament.

Come on! Get in the spirit! Grab the kids, grab the neighbors, grab some old clothes and hay and have a fun 'ole time. Just don't grab your Papist neighbor. Best to leave them alone.

Harumph. A Brit can NEVER make fun of another American Holiday. Even the Hallmark ones.
Not do diminish the vast importance of the failure of the Gunpowder Plot. The mind aches thinking of the additional blood bath against Catholics in the United Kingdom if that had been successful. One side of my family escaped the first Catholic purges in England and landed in Maryland. If Catholics blew up Parliament - well - it would have been ugly. Our history, being the children of the British crown, would have been very different as well. John Derbyshire has an outstanding overview of the whole thing.


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