Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sal's Rule 438 About Women

Never fiddle with anyone who has better bicep definition than you do. As you listen to this ... try to control your irony alarm. Mine went off about ever 45-seconds and Mrs. Salamander became quickly annoyed. 

As a side-note - am I being a putz for slightly feeling sorry for her? I know, she snaked a married man and uses "I" and "me" too much ... but .... sorry. 

What a train wreck.

UPDATE: As you can see, the original full video has been yanked ... but someone else has posted a smaller part of it. Here you go.

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Vigilis said...

What a time bomb! Everyone personally involved will get what he/she deserves, including the husband foolish enough to marry this piece of work, and any general foolish enough to diddle a married lawyer.

Now, if the fictions laid out so far are maintained, guess who will be paid exorbitantly for interviews and the revealing New York Times Best Seller tell-all? What a time bomb!

Feel sorry for only her two young sons.