Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Good Adivce, if They Will Take It

From a national security POV, we could smell that there was something not quite right with the Romney campaign by summer.  The strange 600-ship pander-navy articles from a parallel fiscal universe; the complete lack of mention of AFG in Tampa, and the strange tone-deaf neo-con retreads giving advice and writing speeches the American people have grown tired of ... in 2007.

That was just part of a larger dysfunction.

Pat Caddell puts out in better detail what I said late election night - people need to get fired.
The Romney campaign, Caddell said, was driven be establishment consultants and was a failure of mechanics and message.

“But most of all, it was a failure of imagination,” Caddell said. ““It was the single worst campaign in modern history of a challenger who had a chance to win ... and that’s the truth and nothing can take away from that.”

He then brutally told donors in the audience that the Republican consultant-lobbyist-establishment complex took millions of dollars from them to only enrich themselves without having any meaningful impact on the election. 

“You donors and others were played for marks by groups like [Karl Rove’s American] Crossroads,” Caddell said, noting that establishment super PACs cared more about “preserving arrangements in the media.”

Too often, Caddell said the Republican consultant-lobbyist-establishment complex ignores anything that could be effective if it does not allow them to profit.

Caddell said those in the Republican consultant-lobbyist-establishment complex “do not want to hear any views from outsiders" because it threatens their racket. Caddell said this mentality will just result in more Republican losses unless this Republican consultant-lobbyist-establishment complex is eviscerated. 

“As long as the establishment wants to preserve the establishment and their special deals, you will lose,” Caddell said. 
 The Republicans have a good bench to work on, but the neo-cons need to go. No more Bushes of any type of any generation. No more Newt. Anyone who ran in 2012 needs to be shunned. Anyone over 50 should hope for VP and nothing more. 

The losers are sucking the oxygen out of the room. Most of all; stop doing the same thing over and over and expect a different result. 

Benchmark Bill Whittle as well. 

Interesting note, you can't blame conservative bloggers; they have been polling them for the last few cycles, and who did they want the least?
In 2008, the least wanted candidates for bloggers were…John McCain and Ron Paul.

In 2012, the least wanted candidates for bloggers were…Mitt Romney and Ron Paul.
Given that track record, who do you think they like the least in 2016?
3) If the list were narrowed down to the following 10 candidates, then which one would you **** LEAST LIKE **** to see as our 2016 nominee?
1) Chris Christie (NJ Governor) 32.5% (25 votes)
2) Jeb Bush (Former Fl Governor) 26% (20 votes)
3) Rand Paul (KY Senator) 14.3% (11 votes)
4) Scott Walker (WI Governor) 11.7% (9 votes)
5) Paul Ryan (WI Congressman. VP candidate) 5.2% (4 votes)
6) Susana Martinez (NM Governor) 3.9% (3 votes)
7) Brian Sandoval (NV Governor) 2.6% (2 votes)
8) Bob McDonnell (VA Governor) 1.3% (1 votes)
8) Marco Rubio (FL Senator) 1.3% (1 votes)
8) Bobby Jindal (LA Gov) 1.3% (1 votes)
There you go - Christie-Bush 2016 for the loss!

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