Monday, March 20, 2023

Preliminary Notice to CDR Salamander OG Blog Readers

Great and wonderful members of the Front Porch, especially those regular readers since 2004.

As most of you may be aware of by now, I have been posting in parallel over at substack for the last few years.

I did that for a few reasons. Mostly because of the coding, NMCI, facebook and other location may block blogspot as it can seem as if it is SPAM. Bad on blogspot, irritating to readers. Because substack is a "cleaner" code, no one has that problem...yet.

Anyway, blogspot is owned by google and the last few weeks they have been pulling down some of my posts going back almost a decade for a variety of reasons. Many of them are because they contain pictures of ... military operations where "physical violence" is taking place. 

Well, that is that happens in a military. I am appealing the deletions, but this is not a satisfactory situation for a military related blog as I would have to pretty much stop posting any picture of video of ... combat. I can't stand the prospect of some bot or busy body running through and randomly deleting posts.

The last straw was them pulling down a post, text only, of our Declaration of Independence.

Just look at it.

It says "SPAM" but when you go to "/contentpolicy" you see the full range of things under SPAM that includes everything up to violent images.

So, and no this is not an April's Fool joke, but starting the 1st of April, no new content will be posted here

All new content will be over at substack. Just follow this link and update your bookmarks. 

You can also sign up to get an email notification whenever there is a new post.

I did not want to do this as we have a very well established community in comments here that means a lot to me. We've been at this together for the better part of two decades. 

Some members of the Front Porch have already migrated over to substack, so it just isn't the new kids. There's plenty of salt over there.

So, you have an 11-day warning.

I will not delete this blog. This will remain here as an archive of a time when blogspot was a freer place, as will all the older posts that google has not deleted for this arbitrary reason or another.

Come join  us ... its a cleaner look anyway.


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