Thursday, January 05, 2023

Diversity Thursday

As a general rule, a right and natural thing is simple. Even a radical change, when that change is the correct and productive thing, it is simple to understand, execute, and explain to other people. Just a few words, just a few moments of instruction. Follow on questions are easy. Words are clear and direct.

When you find something is such an ill fit to objective reality and the best course of action that you have to redefine the language, shut off debate, and threaten any mild concern with destruction of reputation and livelihood to any who may have those questions and concerns ... then you need to think real hard if what you are doing is really correct.

This week's DivThu is brought to you by Aaron Sibarium over at The Washington Free Beacon

He really did all the hard work for me, so I'll keep the commentary to a minimum.

It is a broad article about what the taxpayer funded diversity nomenklatura are doing to operationalize one of President Biden's first Executive Orders.

Not law. No, the American people through their elected representatives will have no say in this. No, not a law but it is treated as such - especially in the most compliant branch of the government, the military and military adjacent bits. Once you get something like this set via an EO, no law can easily untangle;

Of course, in Year-Zero, all words get new meaning. All concepts are reborn.

So, let's see what the Army is doing.


Gender is fluid, you see. There is no such thing as male and female. That is now military policy. All the details are in the link. Ignore the science; embrace the politics.

Have you tired of the pronoun wars? Oh, you sweet, sweet summer child; they have only just begun;

Ranks are now pronouns, I guess.

Whole hog. The military is now fully onboard with all the language and socio-political theory. Sex no longer exists. You are not - regardless of what you eyes or religion may tell you - male or female. Don't disagree or you are a bigot worthy only of NJP;

What was once a Monty Python skit is now a ... well ... 

Once you leave the Army ... it doesn't stop there. Behold the Veterans Administration 175 slide diversity PPT slide-deck from hell!!


This is ... something...

I am not sure how anyone in the Army or the VA will be able to do anything but try to comply with what appears to be an attempt to drive people insane, or to the civilian sector.

Finally, I guess bullsh1t bingo simply isn't fun anymore.

I do encourage you to read it all and keep this in mind; this is not a conversation. This is not a discussion. This is not an education - this is a guide to tell you how you must speak, act, comply, and enforce a very specific socio-political way. As the training outlines - do not comply as the commissars direct, and you are subject to punishment.

You are directed to "relax about bathrooms" if a 6'3" 220# 40-yr old man as of yesterday comes in to shower with the ladies today. Then you, an 18-yr old 5'1" 110# female, are not supposed to object either if that biological man then becomes your roommate.

No, bigot. And if you are a leader in that organization, be careful that you ... well .. you know what you need to do. Read the slides. Read the room.

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