Thursday, September 15, 2022

Diversity Thursday

A lot of you are experiencing official discrimination on a regular basis and share what you are going through with me. The vast majority of it I don't share because it is sent on background to me as people are terrified of being found out by the diversity zampolits. 

The most scared people - even more than those in the military - are those in academia. It isn't just the college admission process, it is the red in tooth and claw discrimination in hiring faculty giving special consideration to some racial and ethnic groups while at the same time taking specific negative action against other racial and ethic groups.

I've written way too much in a rambling way on the topic over the years, but in the latest legal case against this overt and official discrimination, I think I found a smarter person with a much more succinct response when asked, "What is wrong with our policies?" 

As reported by Aaron Sibarium in the Washington Free Beacon, I give you University of Texas at Austin finance professor named Richard Lowery;

"These discriminatory, illegal, and anti-meritocratic practices have been egged on by woke ideologues who populate the so-called diversity, equity, and inclusion offices at public and private universities throughout the United States," Lowery’s lawsuit says. "The existence of these offices is subverting meritocracy and encouraging wholesale violations of civil-rights laws throughout our nation’s university system."

Nice summary.

This has the potential to be as important as the case we will soon see come out of SCOTUS on the discrimination in admissions.

Racial discrimination of any kind has no place in official policy in 2022.

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