Thursday, May 27, 2021

Diversity Thursday

As most of you have noticed, we could do a DivThu twice a day every day for the last nine months or so ... but this is supposed to be a side-show and not a primary subject of cdrsalamander. 

As the Front Porch knows, when we started this almost a decade and a half ago, we were pretty much it in going after the diversity bullies, their commissariat and constellation of grievance driven rent seekers.  We are no longer alone.

The issue broke out above the ambient noise a few years ago, and now has some top-shelf advocates such as Christopher Rufo going at it full time. 

It is great to have company, but we still need to keep the drum beat going. I've decided to do the best I can to only bring in things that I think are either being overlooked or I know would be of specific interest to the Front Porch.

I have that this week. 

Last summer saw the triumph of a decades-long effort by the diversity industry to get their players in place throughout DOD in both dedicated billets - GS and uniformed. With them in place they had the opportunity to harvest dividends at the right time.

You have to respect the effort. As anyone can tell you who has been in the game, senior leadership is absolutely terrified of their permanent company civilian HR and DEI staff. They won't stand up to them. They won't say no to their suggestions.

In position and the field of play set, they just needed to wait for the moment to be ripe and they could make their move to get as much gain as possible. 

The great failure of the Trump administration in this area was its failure to appoint people who knew was was in play. As a result, nothing was done to dismantle the cancerous infrastructure fueled by racial animus, division, and sectarianism. 

We've seen the results in our Navy with the horrible Task Force One Navy, and the CNO including supporter of racist policies and programs Ibrim X. Kendi and others in to his reading list.

You get what you appoint. You will see what you recommend. The bitter harvest from this field will come to our table for years, but right now we have something to deal with. 

Biden's ahistorical Red Guard have their chisels, cranes, and paint cans ready to come after our Navy. These Americans, including retired Flag Officers, are demonstrating a kinship with the Afghanistan Taliban unworthy of anyone who expects to be consider a person of reason.

The Pentagon’s Confederate renaming commission is taking a look outside places and things named after individual Confederates, its chair told reporters Friday, to include anything named to honor the Confederacy.

Fort Belvoir and the guided missile destroyer Antietam have not before come up in the Confederate renaming discussion, but retired Adm. Michelle Howard said that the commission is taking a broad look.

Belvoir, originally the name of a plantation on which the post now sits, was dubbed Fort A.A. Humphreys when it became an Army installation in 1917. In 1935, it went back to Belvoir, at the request of a Virginia congressman who wanted to recognize the historical Belvoir plantation.

“We want to get to Fort Belvoir and dig more deeply into the historical context,” Howard said.
They are not looking for context, they are looking for pretext. Pretext to destroy.

They are not so much rewriting history, as ignoring it.
Similarly, the cruiser Chancellorsville, named after what is considered Gen. Robert E. Lee’s greatest victory, is already on the list, as is the oceanographic survey ship Maury, named for a Confederate sailor.
Previous generations who saw that after the massive slaughter that was our civil war, that we needed to come together and see this as one history, one nation.

That is unpopular now with the Red Guards wandering through the streets, but there it is.

How bad can it get? Until there is pushback, they will keep expanding. Just look at where the bleeding edge of the school system is:
The documents, obtained from Montgomery County Public Schools, detail the district’s “Anti-racist system audit” and critical race theory classes. They reveal that students who attended Thomas Pyle Middle School’s social justice class were taught that phrases such as “Make America Great Again” are “covert white supremacy.”

The phrases are ranked on a pyramid, with “Make American Great Again” ranking only slightly below “The N-Word,” the “KKK,” “lynching,” and “Neo-Nazis.”
If commissions in DOD are thinking about changing ship names, you don't think another commission on extremism won't benchmark where academia is?

Really? Why wouldn't they?

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