Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Preflight Your Brain: the Navy Discussion-Guide on Extremism in the Ranks Standdown

If you're on active duty or a civilian employee, you're going to have to go through a struggle session. 

The best thing you can do to prepare for it is to know what you are going to be subjected to ahead of time. That way you can better get through it.

This training isn't as great as supporters say it is, nor is it as bad as it could have been.

There is still a lot of problematic items in here - mostly because of who wrote it and the climate to anyone doing anything but saying, "Looks great!" 

Because it wasn't properly edited, yes, it is political.

Anyone who watched the events of the summer of 2020 and have made an objective review of what happened in January (NB: those new here & have not read what I wrote at the time can click here and here if they so wish), know that "white nationalism" and "white supremacy" are not the full story. A chapter of a story to be sure, but not the full story.

You can read in spots here where a larger story is implied, but in the end they didn't flesh that out. Screaming about "white nationalism" is the fad of the moment and the round is already half-way out of the tube. Just let it flow around you and get through it. 

Shame really. There is some good stuff in here, but the flavor of the was spoiled like someone sprinkling anchovies over a pepperoni pizza.

As this is something the Navy was ordered to do on relatively short notice, it is what it is. 

My advice - in addition to reading the below - is to realize that except for the people whose paycheck rides on the back of facilitating such "training," everyone else - leadership and you - are;

You don't have to do anything but sit through it. Repeat an oath you've already taken? Sure. 

If Paris is worth a Mass, your Navy career is worth saying an oath you've already taken.

As with all things run by humans, you may have someone who decides to pursue their own agenda. If you find yourself uncomfortable, utilize your chain of command. Hopefully no one will find themselves in such a position, but you never know. Like the nation is serves, the Navy has all kind of people in it. Some woke bad actors are emboldened. Note who they are to yourself and carry on. 

Here you go. Read up. Be informed. Take every headbreak you can and remember, 98.7% of the people in front and around you don't want to be there either.


 If the embed doesn't work, try this direct link to the PDF.

If there is a Q&A, here are a few ideas, especially if SECDEF, A/SN, or CNO is there following:

1. Define extremist conduct.
2. Since the Department supposedly has knowledge of extensive extremist groups / conduct in the ranks, provide three examples of extremist conduct in the Department.
3. What policies would have prevented this conduct?
4. What is the end state?
5. What are the metrics to know the Department achieved this end state?

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