Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Beware the Ides of June

As we watch this vast stress test on democracy - who elected good state and local leaders and who did not - one thing is clear; there will be a reckoning in this nation in mid-June.

One of two thing will happen, and neither will be good for the relationship between the people and the politicians.

First, in response to COVID-19 we intentionally caused the largest economic crisis since the Great Depression, a crisis we still do not know the depth or breadth of. As such, by the police power of the state, we forced people in to isolation, kids out of school, people out of jobs. We prevented businesses from operating. We stopped much of civil society from happening and people getting together. This was all to "flatten the curve" by keeping people from gathering in large groups. In many locations, it became a crime.

In many of those same locations, bad mayors and governors allowed tens of thousands of people to gather this week, protest, riot and loot in tightly packed groups of people - the worst at night, running, yelling, sweating and fighting with each other.

In two weeks we will see one of two things:

1. There will be a spike in COVID-19 cases, halting the opening of the economy and putting another layer in to our economic down spin. The people will look to their political leaders to ask why they let this happen by being permissive to back actors while at the same time bearing down on regular people.

2. There will not be a spike in COVID-19 cases, opening the question as to why our political leaders crashed the economy to begin with.

Either of these will further weaken the center. People will go to the fringes. In an election year, we know how this goes.

Right now, I don't have answers - but I do know this; never before have a people been so rich and yet led so poorly.

On a not unrelated topic, if you did not catch yesterday's opening to the Tucker Carlson show - love him or hate him - give it a listen.

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