Friday, May 15, 2020

Fullbore Friday

I have always found the various stories of the Polish military who fought with the Western forces interesting.

WWII in the West started when Germany invaded their nation - then the Soviet Union joined in eating up what was left. They had no chance. 

Those who escaped the Nazi and Communist death squads had epic stories how they managed to get to the West to keep on the fight. 

They fought, bled, and died for a nation and a cause that they could never return to. A hollow victory that traded fascism for communism for their beloved Poland. Many died before they could see a free Poland again.

One of those leaders was Commander Eugeniusz PÅ‚awski, Polish Navy.

He started life as an Imperial Russian Navy officer. Post WWI he joined the navy of the newly independent Poland. Fought through WWII, including going toe-to-toe with the Bismark as CO of the destroyer ORP Piorun (G65).

He and his crew had a great story. Sadly, at least for the English speaking world, Wikipedia is the best source - though a few others are good.

After the war, like most Poles who fought in the West, he could not return to Poland, so he emigrated to Canada, passing away in 1973 in Vancouver.

What would I do in the face of the challenges he faced in his life ... and that of his Sailors?

I don't know, but I would hope that it would be something good enough that Commander Plawski would give a polite nod to.


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