Thursday, April 09, 2020

What the Navy Knew About COVID-19 on 19 MAR 20

A few critical dates for everyone to remember:

08 MAR: TR departs Da Nang, Vietnam.
15 MAR: USS BOXER (LHD-4) has first case of COVID-19 on a USN ship.
22 MAR: USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT (CVN-71) has first COVID-19 case.
27 MAR: TR pierside Guam.
30 MAR: The Crozier memo goes out.
02 APR: CO of RT, CAPT Crozier, relieved of command.
05 APR: Acting SECNAV Modly gives his speech to the crew of the TR over the 1MC.
07 APR: Modly submits his resignation.

That my friends, is a compact and busy timeline.

One of the top questions that comes to mind is; when it comes to COVID-19, what did the USN know and when did it know it?

One note of caution, usually it takes a day or two from when something is published for it to be distributed and then in front of the eyes of the decision makers to see it - or be briefed on its content. That is when a Staff works correctly. Rarely do you get same-day info unless it is flash traffic.

On 19 MAR, here is what the USN medical community produced for decision makers and leaders to consider for what they may face for COVID-19.

Look for the information about "Shipboard Population of 5,000" estimates, that is a CVN.

Ponder; what would you do?

Hat tip John Cordle.

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