Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Playing the India Card in AFG

Regardless of the topic at hand, within 5-minutes of any conversation with a Pakistani military type, India will come up.

Paranoia does not quite describe it.

If you really want to get them a bit off their stride, just toss out the idea of Indian troops in Afghanistan.

In this light, as the Afghan government starts to look for someone to help then against what they know is coming ... this is an epic troll.
Early this month, Afghanistan’s National Security Advisor, Hamdullah Mohib, used a visit to New Delhi to privately press a request for at least a Brigade — perhaps even a Division —of Indian troops to be deployed in a peacekeeping role, ahead of a peace deal with the Taliban which is expected to lead to the final withdrawal of United States forces. Kabul, diplomatic sources said, hopes to put together a multinational framework, perhaps United Nations-led, for this troop deployment.
To understand why Afghanistan’s calls for Indian troops are becoming louder, one has to turn to the agreement now being hammered out between Taliban negotiators and United States diplomats in Doha. The deal is expected to include guarantees the Islamist insurgents will scale down violence — but bitter experience has taught Afghans to suspect the Taliban will resile on their word the minute the United States vacates its military bases.

New Delhi’s long-standing allies in Afghanistan’s north — who India, along with Iran and Russia funded and armed through their long, bitter battle against the Taliban until 9/11 — see an Indian Army as insurance against their cities being overrun by proxies for the Pakistan Army.
Does this upset Pakistan?

Fine. It's their neighborhood. They'll figure it out.

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