Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Sorry, no Tanker War This Week

I'm not saying that I write talking points for the Vice Chairman ... but sometimes it helps if people think I do.

Details over at USNIBlog.

Put the war drums back in the Volvo.

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Southrider said...


When Vincennes killed 290 Iranian civilians, including children, it was in the midst of a fur ball of gunfire, confused electronic intelligence indications, and international brinkmanship.

The CO made the right call. The President, who foolishly let the flag officers and ‘genius’ advisors crowd the gulf with ships, men, and explosives made a terribly wrong call. Clearly, throughout ‘Earnest Will’ and ‘Prime Chance’ there was a powerful lobby with objectives not in the best interest of the United States who were pushing for a bloody ‘casus belli’, in the shape of dead American sailors and Marines, to commit the United States to war.

To whose benefit? Saudi Arabia and Israel come to mind. (Similar to the sources of the intelligence on ‘launch ready WMDs’ that put us in a ruinous war later I might add)

And Vincennes did not fire the last shot in the tanker war, Khomeini did.

By the time we were certain enough to justifiably do anything about it President Bush (Sr) was working on an alliance with moslems to secure Kuwait and invade Iraq.

During the return trip from an Earnest Will deployment I was with a wise warrior (ADM Snuffy Smith – serious guy, CINC might want to listen to him right now) when he advised his staff on the carrier off Iran that ‘if you start a war with a little guy he'll take it serious’.

That comes to mind as, no doubt, CINC is hearing from an assortment of ambitious fools and incompetent, seditious spys.

War with Iran? Easy?

Beyond some seriously competent Persians, NBPP and NOI have been in US prisons recruiting for decades. ISIS has been in ebola labs in Congo. Fellow travelers?

And their target set? No surprise.