Thursday, April 04, 2019

If we won't re-open the Bronco line ...

The OV-10 - especially the modernized version - was always seen as the best solution for an identified requirement.

The forces that be and bureaucratic leadership only an Ottoman would appreciate slow rolled the light-CAS aircraft.

While we pass, it looks like others will try to make a go at it ... from Brazil.

The OV-10 ... reimagined.
Akaer of Brazil is presenting a conceptual twin-engine multi-role aircraft called the Mosquito at the 2019 LAAD Defence & Security exposition that, if developed, would be the company's first aircraft.

The Mosquito would conceptually perform missions such as close air support (CAS); intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR); armed ISR; and aerial refuelling. It could also perform combat search and rescue (CSAR); communications intelligence; air defence; airborne command and control (C2); and battlefield interdiction.

Fernando Ferraz, Akaer chief operations officer, told Jane's on 3 April that Mosquito is the result of a two-to-three-year effort to identify needs and trends in the light attack aircraft market. The company, he said, also went through 10 different designs before settling on this model while trying to blend many requirements from around the world.
Logic continues to bring you back to this design.
The Mosquito would differentiate itself from competing light attack aircraft such as the Embraer A-29 Super Tucano or the Textron AT-6 Wolverine by providing better visibility. Ferraz said Akaer conceptually designed the Mosquito with raised wings on the fuselage. Both the Super Tucano and the Wolverine have wings much lower on the aircraft fuselage.
I'd like 8 squadrons please, of 8-aircraft each. Six AD, two reserves.

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