Thursday, November 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving

In the great scheme of things, all Americans should take a step back and realize how much we 320 million have to be thankful for.

Generations before us, in imperfect steps as all human efforts are, built a nation that provided an unheard of record of stability, liberty and prosperity to a people not united by blood, region, religion, or at the start - even language.

Many in the world may hate us, but most all of that is bound by envy, bitterness, and a frustration that their society has yet to provide the same.

Where Americans find themselves did not get there by accident. Prior generations worked, invested, and sacrificed to keep it going, improving, and setting the table for the next generation.

Are we doing the same?

Remember, our national anthem ends with a question - so should our thanks.

A final note, thanks to all the Mess Specialists now Culinary Specialists and everyone else on the mess decks who tried so hard to produce a Thanksgiving feast for me when deployed through the years - and are doing the same for those who took my watch.

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Anonymous said...

NAVCAMS (Westpac) Guam, late '69-'71 - The bachelors usually took the day watches for the married guys, allowing them to spend time with their families. We pushed tape 0700-1900 and ate with the watchstanders during the day, but the payback was (usually) an invitation to a late dinner when the eve watch relieved. As a single guy, even spending time on the fringes of their families was better than presents would have been.