Monday, May 07, 2018

The Overhead & Support for the Syria Strike

It is one thing to hear about how may missiles may have been used in the recent attacks on Syria, but it is another thing to appreciate what it took to get those rounds on target.

Pictures are perfect for this.

Great post by the folks at CIGeography. A nice, clear graphic. 

We should just accept the assumption that these numbers and representations are not perfect, but darn close enough.

Let's look at the air side first, as it is the most educational.

In a fairly uncontested environment, 11 strike aircraft require 37 escort and 21 support aircraft. I would take those numbers as being on the low-side.

Now the seas side of the house;

Yes, the French helped out, but from the sea, it was mostly a USN operation. No one comes close to our capability, numbers wise, in this area. I hope this builds French confidence and we will see them more in the future.

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