Friday, April 27, 2018

Fullbore Friday

What would Jesus do?

Sadly, this phrase is overused to the point that I don’t think people really ponder this in their own life.


It is something that requires action. What action?

In the carnage of war, what would Jesus do?

This is a woman who knew. No one had to ask her that question.

If only a small percentage of us had the bravery and conviction of Sister Agnès-Marie Valois, the world would be a much better place.

Remember, she was 28 at abattoir of Dieppe.
Sister Agnès-Marie Valois, who earned the nickname “Angel of Dieppe” for her defiance in treating Canadian soldiers on the beach of Dieppe during the disastrous Second World War raid, has died, aged 103.

Valois became an iconic hero to Canada’s veterans for defying Nazi authorities on the bloodstained beach who ordered her to treat wounded German soldiers before aiding the Canadians.

“She is known for standing up to the German soldiers; they held a gun up to her to treat the German injured first, but she just looked at everyone as equal — regardless of rank, regardless of nation, regardless of who or what you are she treats those who needed help the most,” said Hardy Wheeler, a retired lieutenant colonel with the Essex and Kent Scottish regiment, one of the first units to hit the beach of Dieppe.
What more can you say?

Read it all. A woman who led a life of purpose. Fullbore.

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