Monday, February 05, 2018

How Many Votes do Marines Have?

The slow, painful death of the of our best ally's military - a nation that cannot even defend her home waters anymore - should be a reminder to everyone what happens when the number of politicians who want to buy votes via the welfare state outnumber those who have an understanding of history and what it takes to maintain a nation's ability to defend itself. 

Perhaps I am being unkind to politicians, because the larger part of the problem are the citizens who don't really care, they just want more Soma;
The United Kingdom will lose its ability to conduct specialised amphibious operations, if leaked plans considered in the National Security Capability Review (NSCR) are not cancelled by the new Modernising Defence Programme (MDP), according to the Commons Defence Committee.

In its Report, 'Sunset for the Royal Marines?', published today, the Committee warns that further reductions in the Royal Marines and the disposal of the amphibious ships HMS Albion, and HMS Bulwark, would be “militarily illiterate” and “totally at odds with strategic reality”.

The NSCR, has been carried out by the National Security Adviser rather than by the Ministry of Defence. It has led to persistent rumours of major cuts in conventional forces. Up to 2,000 Royal Marines – about 30% of current strength – would be lost, together with the two amphibious assault ships which are essential for landing personnel, heavy equipment and supplies over a beach.
The Report sets out the series of challenges faced by the Royal Marines in recent years. Since 2011, numbers have declined from 7,020 to 6,580; training and exercises have been cancelled; and surveys have shown a tangible drop in morale. The disproportionate contributions made by the Royal Marines to UK Defence – not least in providing up to half of all UK Special Forces personnel – are being put at risk by inadequate funding.

The Report also rigorously examines the role of HMS Albion and HMS Bulwark. It concludes that their disposal would remove any prospect of the Armed Forces achieving a successful amphibious landing with a substantial force.
When Labour gets back in power?

You can read the full report here.

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