Thursday, December 14, 2017

Diversity Thursday

After a few weeks respite from reporting on this sordid little corner of Cultural-Marxist sectarian, time to poke are head in and find something positive ... and there it is.

Rejoice dear hearts, Chief Gunner's Mate Kyle Shafer, USN picks up on a cornerstone theme from DivThu.

Though it may be behind the paywall, read it all in the latest edition of Proceedings. Here are the operative bits;
...the segregation of celebrations—which are intended to build unit cohesion—creates division.
Sailors spend a month segregating one group of people at the exclusion of all other races.
Segregating some Sailors from other Sailors for a month at a time multiple times a year has negative consequences by creating doubts, confusion, and division. Moving forward, the Navy should stop celebrating specific demographics. Sailors are first and foremost Americans. We are not black, white, Filipino, Mexican, male, female, Hispanic, Asian-Pacific Islanders; we all are simply Americans. The Navy needs to recognize Sailors as Sailors, and the colors blue and gold.
Amazing, but such talk is considered radical. It will get you called names, but I don't think the Chief cares.

He loves his Sailors all the same, as we all should. The only people who could object to his opinion are the usual suspects we find in the Navy's wing of the diversity industry; paycheck hunting rent-seekers, race baiting grievance mongers, and others who prosper personally, financially, politically, or psychologically by keeping people divided and at each others throats.

Still a disgrace that our Navy continues to support sectarianism and division - but as that kind of seething cannot survive the light of day and fresh air - give our Navy time.

It may not be tomorrow, next year, or next decade - but eventually we will show these agents of division the door.

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