Thursday, September 28, 2017

Diversity Thursday

We’ll have a little fun with this week’s DivThu, not that this is funny, but a dark humor.

These purveyors of division and grievance pimps are a cancer on any organization they touch, but as long as you try to see what pathetic creatures they are, you can have a good giggle at their expense as they try so hard to be so serious about their racket.

Oh yes, it’s a racket. It has pretty much infected most of the Anglosphere – Australia as well.

As most of my readers are American, we can giggle a bit harder, we’re not paying for it;
WORKPLACE diversity consultants are charging Australian companies up to $1800 an hour to warn employees about the dangers of using “non-inclusive” language such as “mum”.

Former Labor leader Mark Latham slammed the Diversity Council of Australia’s “words at work” training program as “pathetic” on his Outsiders show on Wednesday night.

The DCA, headed by former Australian of the Year David Morrison, charges $2500 for members or $3600 for non-members for a two-hour program delivered by “experienced DCA staff and consultants” to educate companies about “the power of words”.
I adore this line. Truth? They can’t handle the truth.
Last year, the DCA revealed it had been forced to turn off comments and ratings on the video, which also urged against the use of the word “guys”, due to “highly offensive abuse”. 
“We are happy for feedback, both positive and negative, but we were not getting a constructive or respectful conversation,” a spokeswoman said at the time, with Ms Annese saying she was “surprised it received such an intense reaction and the tone of a lot of that”. 
“The sort of expletive-laden language that’s been directed towards people in our organisation and the chair of our board, I’m just confused by it,” she said. “It seemed a bit ironic to us [given we were] making a call for people to start having respectful workplaces.”

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