Thursday, July 06, 2017

Keep This Ship From Public View

Every now and then, this needs to be brought up; the even numbered INDEPENDENCE Class LCS should never make a port visit or participate side by side with any other navy.

I mean, just look at her.

Now, really look at her.

Up close; click the pic and zoom in. 

Now, look at the pictures of PLAN warships that participate in multi-national exercises and make port visits. Especially in cultures that value "face" - this ship is an underway INFO OPS/PSYOPS/PAO own-goal of epic proportions. It isn't the ship's company fault either - they can only do with what Mother Navy gives them. This tramp steamer look is by design - and will only get worse with age.

A final operational note as well; everyone can stow the, "She is ASUW capable, she is carrying Harpoon ASM now ... " BS. Zoom in there as well. I see one.

Just one. I'll bet good money she can only launch in a casualty mode as well.

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