Monday, June 12, 2017

The Type-26

Let's start the week looking at what the Home Country is up to in what little shipbuilding capability she has going for her right now.

Let's look at the upcoming Type-26.

The go-to place for your information is with our friends over at ThinkDefence.

If nothing else, given out experience with DDG-1000 & LCS, this should catch your eyes;
The most sensible part of the whole programme is its attitude to technology risk. Whether this is wholly intentional, or merely a happy by-product of Type 23 obsolescence and timing issues is for others to argue, but the fact remains, Type 26 has a relatively low level of technology risk.

Most of the major systems have been, or will be, de-risked on Type 23, with perhaps a few on the QE Carriers. There are no major sensors or weapons being developed to form part of the design, and the power/propulsion design is well proven.
It is a large frigate that should really be called a destroyer, coming in at 6,900 to 8,000 tons

If you can, take some time for BAE's sales video to Australia below at least, but better yet, dig in to ThinkDefence's very thorough overview linked above.

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