Thursday, March 02, 2017

Diversity Thursday

I'm not sure if Charmane or Clarence are related, but nonetheless, both of their jobs are prime candidates to put at the top of a short-list in any manpower efficiency review. Why can't Clarence send out his own emails? Why must Charmane just cut-n-past what is already in the attachment and claim as her own? 

The mind ponders in our latest edition of, "As the Rent-Seekers Turn."

I'm going to give you as little D&G as possible, as long time readers of DivThu don't need a primer on primary and secondary education performance differentials leading to skewed entering-cohort metrics. You don't need to hear again about the horror show of officially sanctioned and taxpayer subsidized discrimination based on self-described race and ethnicity as it is practiced by the DOD's branch of the diversity industry. You don't need me to toot my own horn about the warning I have last decade that the Orwellian "Unconscious Bias" cultists would get their nose in the tent. No, you're fully up to speed. 

Just sit back and enjoy, you're paying for it.

If anyone is new here, just get a fresh cup of coffee and click the "Diversity" tab to get up to speed.




The Department of Defense, Office of Diversity Management and Equal Opportunity (ODMEO), is pleased to announce the 2017 Federal Executive Webcast Series, at no cost to participants. Click here for video announcement/details: Please see attachments for additional information, including the brochure for webcast topics and dates. Each session is one hour in length.

ODMEO is partnering with AAFEA to offer the Federal Executive Webcast Series, developed to address pipeline and data trends that reveal a significant lag in women and minorities in general population of senior leaders. This training is intended to enable the development of a cadre of world-class senior civilian leaders with the enterprise-wide perspective and the critical skills needed to lead organizations.

1) Department of Defense Civilian Employee at the Grades levels GS-14 and 15
2) Transitioning Active Duty or Reserve Military Personnel (within a year out window of exiting military service) at the rank of O-5/6 and E-8/9
3) Career Aspirations for advancement to GS-15 or Senior Executive Service Corps
4) 100% commitment to attend the 8 required webcasts sessions and all other requirements
5) Reading and examining related resources assigned
6) Willingness to serve as a mentor for subordinate grade personnel and ambassador for marketing DoD as a potential employer
7) Complete all on-line evaluations, surveys and follow-up writing assignments

Due date for applications: FEBRUARY 8, 2017 BY 5:00 PM. Online submissions only. Limit is 100 participants, so apply early! Please visit for additional information.

Please give widest dissemination to help us get the word out. Thank you.


Charmane S. Johnson
Director, DoD Policy for Special Emphasis Programs
Office of Diversity Management and Equal Opportunity
(703) 571-[redacted]

H/t W.

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