Tuesday, December 06, 2016

James Webb - Where He Is Best

Regulars here know that I've had some issues with James Webb through the years, dating back to when he started defending Murtha in a prep for his run as a Democrat as a Senator.

A lot of people got excited when he ran for President this year, but I knew he wouldn't last. Like he was a 1-term Senator, he really isn't a politician. He doesn't have the stomach for the BS. He is something else - he is a thinker. He is an observer. He is an author.

He also speaks for a lot of America that the usual sources of information do not understand any more. He reminds me so much of my father in many ways. Mostly because they share the same background.

I would highly recommend to you the following speech he gave last month; Foreign Policy in America's Interest: Keynote Address Jim Webb.

This is Webb at his best.

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