Thursday, October 06, 2016

Diversity Thursday

After a break, your humble host needed one, my loins are fully girded and I’m ready to wade back in to the fetid swamp of intellectual dishonesty, moral cowardice, political bullying, divisive sectarianism, grievance pimping, rent seeking, and outright red-in-tooth-and-claw racism that is today’s Diversity Industry.

Now that we’re through stretching enough to break the adhesions after such a long DivThu break, let’s focus on the issue at hand.

Not just for the USA, but throughout human history – think about the importance of diplomacy. The incredibly important part making peace and looking out for the national interests of a nation a Ministry of Foreign Affairs or a State Department have. All the national security area civilian and uniformed.

There is no substitute for excellence. Critical thinking, levelheadedness, and a broad and deep understanding of the world. Those are just a few of the most important attributes needed for such important positions. None of that attributes have a thing to do with race, creed, color, or national origin – much less who you want to cuddle up with in the middle of a hurricane.

It doesn’t seem that the Obama Administration really gives a damn about any of that. Oh, no…there are axes to grind;
"In broad comparison with the wider federal government, the federal workforce dedicated to our national security and foreign policy is — on average — less diverse, including at the highest levels," according to a White House fact sheet.
The memo requires the assistant to the president for national security affairs, "in consultation with" the directors of both the Office of Management and Budget and the Office of Personnel Management, to report to the president on the progress in implementing the "requirements of this memorandum" in 120 days.

Obama pinpointed three ways national security agencies, including the Pentagon, State Department and intelligence agencies, could promote diversity, including collecting, analyzing and disseminating workforce data to the public and agency personnel in order to "increase transparency and accountability."

The president said more professional development opportunities and tools, such as academic programs, private-public exchanges and detail assignments in relevant private or international organizations would help attract and retain a diverse workforce.
"In addition, agencies in the national security workforce shall offer, or sponsor employees to participate in a [Senior Executive Service] Candidate Development Program or other programs that train employees to gain the skills required for senior-level agency appointments," Obama wrote.

Obama also directed senior leaders and supervisors to "play an important role in fostering diversity and inclusion in the workforce they lead" by rewarding and recognizing efforts to promote diversity and inclusion.
As we have covered before, this has nothing to do with diversity in education, philosophy, geographic origin, life experience, or foreign language abilities. This has everything to do with race and to a lesser extent, sex.

As we have also covered in previous DivThu, due to the clear racial differences in objective criteria mostly involving education with black, and to a smaller extent "Hispanics" compared to the general population averages - the only way you will get strict alignment with the general population is through discrimination on the basis of race and ethnicity - at the detriment of citizens from Asian extraction and those of non-Iberian European heritage.

All the incentives are in the above pull quote, but as we've warned here for years, they will find other ways to force you to make their metrics work.

You see, they are going to make you understand that a search for non-biased decisions and to evaluate people in a color blind manner is in itself nothing but bigotry.

You see, you are by nature a racist. Just make the metrics work, and Big Brother will smile on you.
One of those efforts, Obama said, should include an expansion of training on "unconscious bias, inclusion and flexible work policies."

"Agencies shall ... make implicit or unconscious bias training mandatory for senior leadership and management positions, as well as those responsible for outreach, recruitment, hiring, career development, promotion and security clearance adjudication," the memo stated.
As a side note, when you are forced to sit through these implicit bias training sessions and you just sit there without challenging their slander against you, you are accepting their world view. You are admitting that you are a bigot.

Is “diversity” a problem for the Russian MFA? How about the Chinese? Of course not, they are serious nations run by serious people who have a firm understanding of how the world works.

Having lived overseas for years, you know how the rest of the world sees someone with a passport that says “United States of America?” As Americans. That. Is. It. We should exhibit the same level of maturity.

Remember, when dealing with the Commissariat; ignore what you can, slow roll if you can, challenge if you have no choice. Calmly but deliberately challenge them with confidence. Always stare them right in the eyes when you do; deep down they have nothing but shame for the hate and sectarianism they spread - and it will show.

Silence is approval. Be silent and you will get what you deserve.

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