Friday, July 22, 2016

Fullbore Friday

Great lessons from both sides - but the most important is the results of two naval mindsets; the defensive mindset vs. that offensive mindset.

History shows which usually wins.

New, fast and modern forces with a defensive mindset against old, slower - but aggressive.

The results? OPERATION JUDGEMENT; The Raid on Toranto.

Going to war in your SDBs, what's not to like? What were they looking at?
A last line of early warning was offered by 13 sound-detection devices placed at strategic points around the harbour. These were capable of detecting aircraft out to 25 nautical miles (29 miles or 46km). This was sufficient to bring to alert the searchlight and gun crews, though not enough for an effective air-defence scramble.

Then there were the 22 searchlights strung out around both harbours in the hope of catching attacking ships and aircraft in their beams to provide easier sighting for the array of defending guns.

Defending the base was 21 gun batteries of dual-purpose – though World War I vintage - 4in guns. On the shore were 13 mounts, while the remaining eight were installed on immobile barges anchored along the boundary of the Mar Grande.

Close-range protection was offered 84 20mm Breda anti-aircraft guns and 109 13.2mm Breda machine guns. These were in a mix of single and twin mounts.

Finally, there were the guns and searchlights aboard the warships themselves.
Read the whole thing over at ArmouredCarriers. Just superb.

If you are lazy, wedge out most of an hour for the below videos.

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