Thursday, May 26, 2016

Even Laz Wouldn't do This For LCS

Sorry Laz, just playing ... I think. The news on the Diversity Front is so depressing I think I will take a break. If you knew what NAVAIR was doing for .02% of the population, it would just ruin the entire Memorial Day Weekend vibe.

Oh, and sorry to the front porch for the visual about Laz in context of the below story (he would not look good with a wig) - but this is so perfect; I've got nothing for what Brock Vergakis is feeding us this AM.
The executive assistant at shipbuilder Austal USA planned to meet Navy Capt. Jeff Riedel at a hotel east of Mobile, Ala., the evening of Jan. 24, 2012. From there, she was going to hop into his rental car to go to an out-of-the-way restaurant 45 minutes away in Gulf Shores, where prying eyes wouldn’t spot them together.

Loving said her orders were clear: She needed risque photographs with Riedel so the company president could use them as leverage over the officer who oversaw acquisition for the troubled littoral combat ship program, which Austal had been awarded a $3.5 billion contract to build in 2010.

The ship was under intense scrutiny in Washington because of mounting costs, design and construction problems, concerns over the vessel’s survivability in combat and its ability to perform its missions effectively. The speedy ships, designed to operate in shallow water, are a major component of the Navy’s future, especially in Asia.

Riedel was in Alabama to help review the program.

But instead of resolving the problems, Riedel saw his 26-year military career quickly unravel. Riedel and Loving spent that night in his hotel room, although they said nothing happened. Both lost their jobs within days. Austal USA President Joe Rella resigned a few months later.
Important note besides the obligatory, "This explains a lot." At least this Sailor learned by his sophomore year in college that the, "Really, I spent the night in a hotel room with a young attractive woman who was trying to seduce me and nothing happened ... " didn't work around adults drunk or sober.

Speaking of sophomoric behavior between the sexes;
“If you get me drunk, I am like a wild lady, and I had made sure I was drunk. ...If I’m going to do this I’m not going to do this (expletive) sober,” Loving said.”I tried to sit on his lap. I stood up and leaned between his chair. He’d asked me to sit down. I kept drinking more and more and more and more. I was way drunk, way fun, way hanging off of him. And then we went back and I informed him I couldn’t drive.”

Riedel said he had one beer. Back at the hotel, there were no available rooms for the intoxicated Loving, and neither had cash for a cab. Riedel offered one of his room’s two beds, “a huge error in judgment,” he said later.
I just need to stop. People really need to get out more when they are young.

I'll take Riedel and Loving at their word that they are the only grown man and woman who would get themselves in this mess, but both need to get their life-PQS books confiscated and dropped back a class.

See that guy? Don't be that guy.

That is all.

Hat tip C.

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