Thursday, April 28, 2016

Diversity Thursday

With the ongoing fight for money and manpower each year, smart leaders should have one order that comes out of their office before any other one when looking for manpower savings; "Let me see the manning document."

For a very long time, our BA/NMP collected like so many beggar-weeds non-value added billets to meet this person or that person's pet project; something they can point to and say, "See, we did something."

What were once collateral duties are now full-time billets, taking money and personnel both civilian and uniformed away from actually performing duties that contribute to manning, equipping, and training Sailors and Marines to perform their mission. With finite budgets and only 24-hrs a day, this has an opportunity cost.

These non-value added positions need to find ways to justify their existence, they sure have plenty of time on their hands. If they don't have problems to solve, they will create them.

If you give socio-politically motivated people agenda driven jobs, and they think their agenda and desire to prove that they are as important as anyone else is primary - their extra time and need for self-affirmation will take your command in strange directions.

Fold in to that the Diversity Bullies standard operating proceedures; they will make you love them. They will make you prove a negative, but mostly - under threat of smearing you as not "caring" - they will force you and your command to sacrifice time and money to validate their existence. Weak leaders will jump through the hoops. Virtue seeking and attention desiring people will flock to it. Warfighters will do what they must, avoid and hide from what they can.

What was once a "go along to get along" or a "what harm, it sounds nice" or a "whatever; if I agree will they leave me alone" - is now an above-the-fold priority. 

These political-agenda driven parasites will start to take over the larger organization, sucking up scarce resources. Never satisfied, they demanded more and more attention.

Did you notice this month that annoying change in the "NAVY" where the "V" was turned in to a weak denim color ribbon everywhere including even PAO pictures on twitter? Just look at the screen-cap in this post from Right after the CNO's Design, what does our Navy think the word needs to know about? Why, it must signal virtue. Goodness knows a Navy and Marine Corps at war does not have any virtue related to warfighting in need of letting the world know about.

That is the macro view, what is the local view? How does this needy warping of priorities work its way down to even the smallest UIC?
Sexual Assault Awareness Prevention Month

NSA Panama City Events- April 2016

March 31, 2016 SAAPM Kick-off in the Galley !

April 8, 2016 Reality Game Show for Active Duty at NDSTC Auditorium, beginning at 1300.

April 12, 2016 Coffee and donuts with the SARC, out front of the Fleet and Family Support Center, beginning at 0730!

April 19, 2016 Dedication of “Ophelia”. Ophelia is a Hibiscus tree that has been planted to show support to all Navy Sexual Assault Survivors. The Chaplain will be doing a blessing and all attendees will participate in hanging teal ribbons on her.

April 20, 2016 Sexual Assault Awareness Run/ Walk starts at 0700 in front of the Fitness Center! Wear your teal to show support of the SAPR program!

April 20, 2016 is NSA Panama City’s Denim Day! Show your support of Sexual Assault Survivors- Send pictures of you and your coworkers in DENIM to Catherine. [redacted] Denim Day came about as a result of a rape that occurred in Italy thirteen years ago. An 18 year old young lady hired a driving instructor to take driving lessons. The instructor drove her to an isolated area in the country, and then attacked her. He wrestled with her until he got one of her legs out of her jeans, raped her, then forced her to drive back to town. The rapist was arrested and convicted for the crime. However, he later appealed the conviction, the case made it all the way to Italy's Supreme Court. The conviction was overturned by a male judge. The judge concluded that because the victim had on tight jeans, she must have helped the perpetrator take her pants off and therefore it was not rape, it was consensual sex. Women across the country were enraged and within hours women were wearing denim jeans everywhere including professional work environments in support of the rape victim.

April 22, 2016 Run 1.5 miles in their shoes! Males come dressed as women, heels and all! Females come dressed as men, don’t forget your moustache! Show your support of all Sexual Assault Survivors!! Prizes will be awarded for best dressed and a variety of other crazy categories!

Any questions, please contact Catherine [redacted], SARC, at 850-235-[redacted]!!!

See you there!
The worst habits of the college Social Justice Warrior mindset are soaking in to our Navy, and you are paying for it with time, money, and BA/NMP. 

Now that the sane among you are in a funk, let me cheer you up.

As we have covered over the years here, there is only one effective way to fight this - you have to starve the beast. With fresh air and light, they lose support - but besides intellectual starvation, they also need financial starvation.

Steps are being made in that direction. Behold what is being done in the great State of Tennessee;
Tuesday, Tennessee’s General Assembly passed a bill that would defund the University of Tennessee’s Office For Diversity and Inclusion. The bill has been passed to the state Senate.

Legislators would divert funds currently allocated to the Office of Diversity, “to minority scholarships for engineering students. It would also bar the university from using state funds to support the annual Sex Week programming or gender-neutral pronouns,” reports The Tennessean.
That is how you do it.

Think globally; act locally.

Hat tip Ed.

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