Monday, January 18, 2016

How MLK Got Me Thinking of Pim Again

On MLK Day, many will be thinking of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. 48 years ago this April. What a huge loss for the King family and this nation. 

Considering who filled the gap after his death, we could have dearly used him in the last four decades - but that is just another twist of history from that horrible decade.

At the very least, his killer - who I will not name - got close to what he deserved. Though not executed, he did at least die in prison.

Political violence that results in death in free societies should be a capital crime above all others. It is where a gentle and free people find their backbone to respond with equal strength to defend the culture that allows a gentle and free society to exist. Freedom is fragile and often if left to weaken, will fold in the face of violence and evil. Without liberty striking down those who would destroy her, liberty will not last.

We are not the only free nation that suffers political violence. While thinking about today and catching up on the news from Germany, I started to think of many of those who helped inform my world view - some who are no longer with us.

As a fan of the Dutch Enlightenment, no surprise many of the modern influencers on my thoughts who are my contemporaries are Dutch.

Sadly, some are no longer with us, struck down by natural causes and political violence - and I miss them. I miss their abrasive wit and their uncomfortable opinions. I miss their clear and brave stance (from a guy who writes under a Nom du Blog, I know) in the face of opposition.

With the lineup of who is running for President, the invasion of Europe by hundreds of thousands of uneducated, unskilled, and unemployable military aged men from a hostile culture, and generally the business of the ship - I miss them.

I miss Andrew Breitbart. I miss Christopher Hitchens. I also miss someone I think most of you don't remember. He wasn't Anglosphere, he was Dutch.

He was a great influence on me in the period immediately after 9/11, and I used to post on him early on in the blog. Pim Fortune.

I miss Pim, a lot. As part of that early group of Dutch that tried to warn us; Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Theo Van Gogh, and even Geert Wilders - Pim was right next to Ayann on those I most respect.

The #1 thing I look for in politics is simple; what will maximize individual liberty? Once that is defined, I'm content with 80% alignment on other issues. There is no compromise when it comes to individual liberty. I never totally overlap with someone politically, but the Wiki entry is as good as any when it comes to describing Pim's political outlook. How could I not admire Pim? Big check on individual liberty, and an 86% overlap everywhere else;
Civil liberties
Classical liberalism
Criticism of Islam
Direct democracy
Freedom of speech
LGBT rights
Separation of church and state
Small government
Women's rights
He was so far ahead of everyone in so many ways;
" The West has to be able to define itself, show its strength, also when it comes to cultural and intellectual matters and be able to show that there are limits to what is acceptable to us. At the same time we can entertain a strong relationship with Islamic countries. Such an approach will contain the influence of Islam and it will strengthen the power and influence of Islamic nations that strive to separate church and state. It will curtail political adventurism in both western and Islamic countries "

[Pim Fortuyn, Against the Islamization of our Culture, 1997]
Read up on him if you are not familiar with Pim.

Sadly, he was a victim of the left. As with most political violence against outspoken leaders, he was assassinated;
A Left-wing activist confessed in court yesterday to Holland's first political assassination in 400 years, claiming that he shot Pim Fortuyn to defend Dutch Muslims from persecution.

[redacted], 33, a vegan animal rights campaigner, said he alone was responsible for killing the maverick protest leader last May, days before a general election in which the Fortuyn List party vaulted into second place and shattered Holland's consensus.

Facing a raucous court on the first day of his murder trial, he said his goal was to stop Mr Fortuyn exploiting Muslims as "scapegoats" and targeting "the weak parts of society to score points" to try to gain political power.

He said: "I confess to the shooting. He was an ever growing danger who would affect many people in society. I saw it as a danger. I hoped that I could solve it myself."
Typical virtue seeking, bloody minded, leftist murderer. When they cannot compete in the marketplace of ideas, or are weak in their own faith in their politics, they don't debate - they murder.

So, let's close the circle of this post. What happened to the man how murdered Pim?
The Dutch authorities have released the man who murdered the flamboyant anti-immigration politician Pim Fortuyn in 2002, now that he has served two-thirds of his jail sentence.

[redacted], an animal rights activist, got 18 years after shooting Fortuyn in the head in Hilversum.

The murder stunned Dutch society, only days before elections. Big gains had been expected for Fortuyn's party.

[redacted] said he had seen Fortuyn as a threat to minority rights.

No information has been released about [redacted] whereabouts now. He has to wear an electronic ankle tag and must report weekly to police.

He has expressed remorse for the murder, and prosecutors do not think he will be a repeat offender.
This was two years ago he was released. Such a sad event. That murderer walks the streets, while Pim is lost to liberty. I'd much rather have Pim than his statue. But such as it is.

I miss Pim, a lot. He should be where the less than ideal Geert Wilders is now. The Dutch should miss him too.

As we look at the huge wasted opportunity of the Obama Presidency, we all should miss what MLK could have been. Who knows where he would have wound up in the political world of today, but I would bet we would all be better for his presence, as the Dutch would with Pim.

Next time someone you know get's foam flecked about a peaceful person they disagree with ... think of MLK, Pim, and others. Stand up and call them out - like Andrew did. Exactly like Andrew did.

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