Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Battle of New Years

Just a quick post today for those few spending time online and not getting your freak on ... or both.

In case you were not aware, there is a full day's battle going on in the Long War. The enemy wants nothing more than to attack if they can, disrupt at a minimum, all public gatherings of a high profile nature in the West.

Today is one of those days. The enemy has gained a slight victory so far in Brussels. Not a big shock for the nation that contributes more fighters per capita than any other in the West (Kosovo and Bosnia contribute much more, but I don't count them as Western. They are no more Western that Molenbeek, BEL).

As such, wherever tonight there is a large celebration that goes on without incident, be pleased - that is a victory.

2016 will be an election year, so people will be grumpy. I'll do my best to be the happy warrior.

I look forward to another year with everyone here at the Front Porch as we go in to our 12th year. All of you, even URR, are a great blessing in my life.


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