Thursday, October 29, 2015

Diversity Thursday

What is that smell? Is it the false bravado? The arrogance?

Oh, I know, it is the cheesy smell of sectarianism, small minded bigotry, and self-preening that populates the Diversity Industry.

You want to degrade the seriousness of any institution? This is how you do it.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: David [redacted] LCDR NAVWARCOL
Date: Fri, Oct 2, 2015 at [redacted]
Subject: Opportunity for Legacy: Those Happy With The Status-Quo May Skip This Email
To: _NWC All <[redacted]>

Good Rainy Morning Naval War College,

Today marks the last day of the application period for the Mentor Program Lead and Diversity Officer collateral duties. I have reattached the duty descriptions for your reference.

As the subject line alludes to, this is a rare opportunity to make a significant and lasting impact at the NWC.

This will be the FIRST Diversity Officer in the College's history. Creation and expansion of this new program is an opportunity to place the Naval War College on par with the Naval Post-Graduate School and the Naval Academy in the field of Diversity and Inclusion. It has oft been said that racial, gender, socioeconomic, experience-based, behavioral, and perspective-based diversity at the NWC could be improved upon. This is your chance to influence a cultural shift towards expansion of the intellectual aperture of the staff, faculty, and students.

The Mentor Program Lead is also placed to improve the human relations environment at the Naval War College through revitalization of established on-boarding, career progression, and personal development organizational processes. The lack of an effective, institutionalized, and informal (non-compliance based) mentoring program was cited as one of the most important issues on the command climate survey. If you were one of the many who commented about the lack of this program, perhaps you would be willing to step forward and be responsible for enriching the personal and professional lives of all those who are waiting to be a part of it.

"We often miss opportunity because it's dressed in overalls and looks like work."
- Thomas A. Edison

Please email me by the end of the day with your qualifications if interested in either of these collateral duties. You must have your supervisor's approval prior to applying.

Thank you and stay dry!

Very Respectfully,

LCDR David [redacted], PMP
War Gaming Dept
(401) 841-[redacted]
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As you know, there are no tracking metrics for, "socioeconomic, experience-based, behavioral, and perspective-based diversity". As a result, as is always the case, they will focus on what is left, "... racial, gender ... diversity".

Wait ... it gets better. Included in the email were these two gems. I know you want to know all this mission related goodness.
Diversity Officer Collateral Duty Description 
The Diversity Officer serves as the President’s and Provost’s principal adviser and action officer for diversity management. Diversity management consists of policies and practices (DOD, DON, and NWC) to effectively manage diversity, and foster inclusion among organizational stakeholders where all individuals are valued, engaged, treated fairly and respectfully, and have equitable access to opportunities and resources. The Diversity Officer provides active support of programs designed to attract, retain, and promote a diverse work force. He or she provides active oversight and support of Navy and Naval War College programs and policies as they relate to Diversity and Inclusion.  
Duties would include:
- Attend senior leadership battle rhythm events and meetings when appropriate,
- Researching current diversity and inclusion best practices (DoD and Industry),
- Supporting the development and implementation of an NWC Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan to further workforce diversity, workplace inclusion, and sustainability,
- Supporting the continual evaluation of the effectiveness of the Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan through systematic appraisal of performance measures,
- Chairing the quarterly Inclusion Analysis Team, and
- Conducting annual barrier analysis self-assessments.
In case you had any doubt yet about official "mentoring" in the Navy, it is all political in the most vile and divisive way. It is sectarian based. It is founded in racism and sexism and knowingly or not, smears the honor of all who participate in it.
Mentor Program Lead Collateral Duty Description 
The Mentor Program Lead serves as the action officer for developing and implementing an informal, voluntary, and volunteer-based mentor program that serves the Naval War College and that can be used as a model for other Navy organizations to emulate. The Mentor Program Lead will coordinate with College and department leadership to tailor the program to the unique personal and professional needs of each department. 
Duties would include:
- Researching industry best practices for mentoring and leadership development to include both DoD and commercial organizations,
- Researching mentoring and leadership development related publications,
- Exploring relationships with mentor training and leadership development,
- Designing and developing a NWC mentoring and leadership development program, and
- Regularly assessing the efficacy of the mentoring and leadership program and making improvements where and when warranted.

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