Thursday, July 16, 2015

Stating the Obvious

Paying gig being being what it is, today's post was going in late ... but then I've decided to slide it to Monday. My thoughts have changed a bit on it, and after today's events in Chattanooga - I just want a put a marker out there.

Here's my snap report in anger - something you are not supposed to do, but it is my blog, so there.

We have lost four Marines in service to their nation. They were killed by an unlawful enemy combatant inside the lifelines of their own nation.

This is a long war, a global war. From Sept. 11th, 2001 - almost 14 years ago, we have know who the enemy is and what pool he will be pulling 95% of his fighters from. Their names are not John, Juan, Ivan, or Wei.

They are not uneducated, deprived, underprivileged people.

We have to be right 100% of the time, and don't. They have had successful attacks, they will have more successful attacks. If we "win" by stopping them 98% of the time, that does not mean they lost 98% of the time. When they win 2% of the time - they win 100% of the time.

That is how this math works.

From the "students" who attacked us in 2001, to the traitor who attacked his fellow soldiers at Ft. Hood, to this guy as I am sure we will soon find out - all the things were in place to identify these people ahead of time and to prevent the attack - but we failed.

In 2001, we did not enforce our immigration laws, we still don't. At Ft. Hood, we had an entire Army scared of its own shadow from DEOMI and the rest of the jackbooted PC enforcers, they still are.

There are other examples out there that are legion. This will be another.

Of course, there are plenty of outstanding Americans, naturalized citizens, refugees, students, tourists and family members of citizens who are Muslim or have Muslim names - heck my good neighbor is from Iran and I served with Muslims for over two decades. Good googly moogly, our own President has a Muslim name from soup to nuts - that isn't the issue, so you can put that straw man back in the box.

Here is what we need to all acknowledge; we will have more of these attacks from young Muslim men - and soon women too. They will use our freedoms and rights as citizens against us. Our response must not be to restrict our freedoms and rights - it won't make us safer and that is after all what they want. What we need to do is to look clearly at the problem and do what we can to mitigate the threat while it is here.

If the past is prologue - this phase of violent, expansionist Islam will be with us for at least a century, maybe two. Unlike past phases, this one won't just have bloody edges on the borders and internal power plays in Dar al-Salam, this will have skirmishes deep in Dar al-Harb. That is where we are.

How do we mitigate? A few things to start.
1. Profile and monitor those that fit it. Have the moral courage to do it, support it, and vote for those who do.
2. Zero tolerance for those who overstay their visa. Empower and require local and State law enforcement to actively find and detain those, from all nations, who overstay their visa. If they refuse, cut off all federal funds to that locality. We use that to make the drinking age 21 - I think this is a bit more important. If they are a sanctuary city, same thing - no federal funds until they change.
3. Halt all import of refugees from Muslim nations. Help relocate to other nations if we feel the need to - but it is not our job to take in tens to hundreds of thousands of additional potential threats. Look carefully at immigration as well. The present system that Teddy Kennedy gave us is do for a relook anyway.
4. Enforce the fracking border. This is a no brainer. I'm not going to say more. If you are so morally corrupt that you like open borders so you can import a dependent class that will vote to give you more control - I'll pray for you. If you have sold your soul to the Chamber of Commerce - then screw you.
5. Crushing penalties on anyone who gives a job to an illegal alien or someone who is here on a visa and is not allowed to work. See note about Chamber whores in #4.

There, a quick five that will help shrink the pool of the high-probability towards terror population. That way, we can have our police and security services concentrate on those who are here in smaller numbers - more likely to catch them before they strike.

Don't like #1-5, then please enlighten me on better ideas. I'm game.

A final note - when I was deployed ashore, I carried a personal weapon 16 hours a day, seven days a week. Six of those hours I wasn't carrying it, it was in the locker next to my rack. All military bases and especially easy to access recruiting stations in the USA are legitimate targets of the enemy. We need to accept that. We need to let our service members be armed when on duty. Not all perhaps ... but enough. 

If we won't do that, then we need to accept that we are putting our uniformed personnel out for slaughter as a lamb in the forest - all for our own political vanity and moral cowardice.

We could at least agree to Condition 4, couldn't we? 

This is the world as it is - not the world as we wish it to be.

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