Thursday, June 25, 2015

Diversity Thursday

Before DivThu was DivThu - there were others out there banging the gong ... in that light; DivThu's spirt animal has to be DiploMad's W. Lewis Amselem.

Read the whole thing - something '90s Washington hands will recognize as the famous cable quoted in the Washingtonian's "Undiplomatically Yours."

Just a taste, but read it all;
17. I find diversity's obsession with race and gender repugnant and potentially dangerous. Despite what the Director General claims, it is not those who object to diversity who corrode efficiency and morale in the service, it is those who promote diversity who do so. I might add, the Director General takes a cheap shot in her March article (pg. 18) by implying that those opposing diversity so do either out of fear of change or resentment over diminished promotion possibilities.

18. There are many legitimate and idealistic reasons to oppose diversity. Not the least is that qualified women and minority officers are being stigmatized by diversity and the obvious ``white man's burden'' mentality behind it. The assumption is that women and minorities (however defined) can't compete unless the Great White Father designs a ``special program'' for them (what would the Bulls say about that?). Diversity is causing serious, perhaps permanent damage to a service already battered by years of abuse as a playground for unqualified political appointees (not always: I've served under some very fine political appointees). Can you imagine a used car salesman commanding a nuclear aircraft carrier? No? How about one as ambassador of the world's most important country?

19. My parents did not immigrate to America so their kids could face quotas. They came to get away from prejudice. The social engineers in the Department and its AFSA sidekick have forgotten that the idea of America is to let people be their best and in that way we all benefit. If engineering schools have an ``overrepresentation'' of Asian-origin students, it doesn't bother me. If for whatever reasons one group or another has a greater tendency to go into one sort of business rather than another, that doesn't bother me at all. Diversity zealots are toying with explosive issues; no matter how ``civilized'' we think we are, eventually, as we have seen in Yugoslavia and only God knows how many other places, we all will come out to defend our ethnicity, race, religion, etc.--and at times violently. Call it tribalism or whatever you want, but it's there under the surface. Let it stay there; don't stir it up with misguided polices.

20. Thank you for this opportunity to express my views.
Hat tip J&C.

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