Monday, February 16, 2015

Audio from the front lines

Make no mistake, what happened in Copenhagen over the weekend was a battle - just one battle in a war that will last longer then the life of anyone reading this today.

Almost right out of central casting, we have the audio from the BBC - the audio timed to perfectly outline what this war is, in many respects all about. When it comes to the essential freedoms of man, there can be no, "but" with the following clause defined by its enemies.

Listen to every word.

Nothing says that The Enlightenment lasts forever. In some places, such as the United Kingdom, it is already in retreat or under pressure.
Ytringsfrihed er ytringsfrihed er ytringsfrihed. Der er intet men.”
While we still try to figure out what to do inside our lifelines, what little light there is in the Muslim world is fading, and shadow turns to black.
The Islamic State is expanding beyond its base in Syria and Iraq to establish militant affiliates in Afghanistan, Algeria, Egypt and Libya, American intelligence officials assert, raising the prospect of a new global war on terror.

Intelligence officials estimate that the group’s fighters number 20,000 to 31,500 in Syria and Iraq. There are less formal pledges of support from “probably at least a couple hundred extremists” in countries such as Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Yemen, according to an American counterterrorism official who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss confidential information about the group.
Western officials, especially in southern Europe, fear that the three Libyan “provinces” could evolve into bases for Islamic State fighters traveling across the Mediterranean, into Egypt or elsewhere in North Africa. Eastern Libya has already become a training ground for jihadists going to Syria or Iraq and a haven for Egyptian fighters staging attacks in the neighboring desert.

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